Marco Rubio Speeding Tickets Are New Ammunition For Liberals

Florida Senator Marco Rubio’s speeding tickets are the new focus of his liberal critics, after a report in the New York Times revealed the 2016 Republican presidential candidate and his wife were stopped by police multiple times in the past few years.

The left wing publication has come under fire from conservatives from focusing on personal issues, such as Marco Rubio’s speeding tickets. The NYT investigation indicates that Rubio and his wife, Jeanette Dousdebes, have been issued a total of 17 tickets in the past 18 years. Four of the tickets belong to Rubio and the rest to his wife.

Hardly earth-shattering information and many are asking what is the significance of it and why the New York Times chose to investigate the obscure details. On social media, people have decided opinions about the ridiculousness of a 700-word article focusing on court documents about Marco Rubio’s speeding tickets.

Marco Rubio’s speeding tickets have become the topic of controversy as conservatives are slamming the NYT for going after the Republican presidential candidate on personal matters. No comment on the report from Rubio’s office.

However, comparisons to what conservatives see as much more serious mishaps from Democrat presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton are inevitable. Like this tweet.

While Marco Rubio’s speeding tickets are no laughing matter, the fact that the NYT article took all that space has many scratching their heads, as this has nothing to do with the issues. According to the very detailed information, Rubio and his wife — who is the biggest offender — have shelled at least $1,000 to pay their tickets and the Senator even hired a Miami-based lawyer — and donor — to deal with the continuous problem.

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