Nichelle Nichols Hospitalized: ‘Star Trek’ Actress Suffers Stroke At 82 After Leonard Nimoy Tribute [Video]

Nichelle Nichols was hospitalized after the Star Trek actress suffered a stroke. Famed for playing the role of Lieutenant Uhura in the beloved outer space TV show, Nicholas was taken to a Los Angeles hospital, reported the Huffington Post.

Although Nichelle’s condition was described as comfortable, the prognosis is not yet known as she is being tested to determine the best approach to treat her mild stroke. At 82, she remains a beloved figure from both the TV show and the six Star Trek films in which she starred.

In addition, she provided voice-overs for Gargoyles and Spider-Man as well as portraying Nana Dawson on Heroes.

Nichols, once a singer for Duke Ellington’s band, became famous for prime-time TV’s first interracial kiss, which she shared with William Shatner, reported the New York Daily News.

And Nichelle took pride in meeting President Obama, who admitted that he too is a Star Trek fan. Active on social media prior to being hospitalized, Nichols tweeted her delight in the occasion.

“Months ago Pres Obama was quoted as saying that he’d had a crush on me when he was younger,” she posted. “I asked about that & he proudly confirmed it!”

As for her current condition, Nichelle is awake after her Wednesday journey to the hospital, according to TMZ.

Nichols’ representative confirmed that she remains hospitalized but had a negative CAT scan. She has not yet received the results from her MRI.

“Currently she is awake, eating, in good spirits and able to have full conversations. Her right side has shown minor signs or mobility loss but she is not showing any signs of paralyses,” said the Star Trek actress’ rep.

As the Inquisitr reported, Nichelle soared to fame again when Nichols paid tribute to Leonard Nimoy after her Star Trek co-star’s death at 83.

“A true force of strength and his character was that of a champion,” praised the actress. “Leonard’s integrity and passion as an actor and devotion to his craft helped transport Star Trek into television history.”

But beyond making TV history, Nichelle honored Nimoy for his visionary views on life.

“His vision and heart are bigger than the universe. I will miss him very much and send heartfelt wishes to his family.”

As for her overwhelming feelings about Leonard, Nimoy also honored him on her Facebook page with photos and quotes.

“I have been, and always shall be, your friend ‪#‎LLAP,” she wrote, using the famous “Live Long And Prosper” (LLAP) hashtag that Nimoy had used.

[Image Via Nichelle Nichols’ Facebook]