Ever Wonder What It Would Be Like Cooking In Space? Astronaut Makes Gourmet Taco [Video]

Astronauts are accustomed to some pretty unfortunate meals while in space. From freeze-dried hamburger patties to various questionable sauces, astronauts are typically not associated with gourmet meals. However, the European Space Agency astronaut Samantha Cristoforetti has taken to YouTube to showcase exactly what it looks like to eat a gourmet meal in space.

In the video uploaded by the European Space Agency, Cristoforetti makes mackerel, quinoa, and leek cream tacos in zero gravity. It is noted that food plays an important psychological role for humans in general. Therefore, it is vital that astronauts on long missions like Cristoforetti are allowed certain comfort foods in the space station. The agency allows for the astronauts to choose a certain quantity of “bonus foods” to make the experience more home-like. In the video, you can watch as Cristoforetti prepares one of her bonus meals.

The recipe is quinoa salad with dried tomatoes, mackerel, and leek cream, all wrapped in a warm tortilla to create a gourmet taco even earth-bound humans would enjoy. The video does highlight the real trials, and potential mess, that exist in zero-gravity cooking. As Samantha prepares her taco she first must get her tortilla to stay still long enough to apply the ingredients. This proves to be highly difficult.

Each time that the astronaut turns to open a new ingredient package, the tortilla tries to float off towards the ceiling. As a result, the woman spends as much time preparing her meal as she does keeping track of her floating tortilla.

What do you think of the astronaut’s zero-gravity cooking skills? Did you realize astronauts were given certain “bonus foods” in space?

[Image Credit: YouTube]