Mean Tweets NBA Edition #3 From ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’ YouTube Video Gets 1.5 Million Views — See Original Tweeters’ Reactions [Video]

The Mean Tweets – NBA Edition #3 is getting so many views on YouTube that it has swelled to nearly 1.5 million views in less than 24 hours since it was uploaded on June 4.

The Jimmy Kimmel Live show had different sports figures read mean tweets about themselves, and the comebacks are amazing.

Reading what some of the tweeters wrote about various basketball stars and their online reactions are also pretty interesting. Like one from Al Davies, who spoke out being older and wiser since he tweeted that he was convinced Magic Johnson had about 73 teeth in his mouth.

Some of the original tweets are kind of hard to find, especially with the limited Twitter searching feature. Even using their advanced Twitter search feature doesn’t turn up the tweet from @FamousZAmos17 that disparaged Tony Parker. However, the Twitter user acknowledges his Kimmel fame.

“People say LeBron flops. Have you seen this little French woman named Tony Parker?”

Certain tweets were obscured, like the one from @Patrick_Nesbit that called Wesley Matthews fat, and Matthews shot back that he has 6 percent body fat.

“Wesley Matthews complains about every foul. Just go eat donuts on the bench you fat f***.”

The Twitter user @Dansmets19 wrote about his dislike for a certain man he felt the need to name twice.

“Can we make a special called, “I hate Jalen Rose” because I HATE Jalen Rose.”

A tweet from @Mike_Murley dogged out the looks of Jimmy Butler and made apparent his love of the word “bruh,” short for brother.

“Jimmy Butler look so ugly bruh look like a face you put on a totem pole bruh lookin like a tiki mask bruh”

Holy crap I'm so sorry @JimmyButler I'm just a hater

— Mike Murley (@Mike_Murley) June 5, 2015

Now one day I'm gonna just be living my life and Jimmy Butler will just pop out and roast me for 72 straight hours

— Mike Murley (@Mike_Murley) June 5, 2015

As for another Twitter user, his or her tweet was directed at Jeremy Lin.

Jeremy Lin is worth probably a half jar of mustard pickles.

Twitter user @truthby_lucy decided to attack one retired ball player’s style of dress.

“Reggie miller can’t dress for s***”

Nicholas X said Draymond Green looked like donkey from Shrek, a tweet that made Green laugh.

The Twitter user who called Zack Randolph the shape of a basketball didn’t seem to have much remorse.

Some seem to have no reaction whatsoever yet to their Internet fame.

Others just laugh at their own mean tweets.

The Twitter user who urged Stephy Curry to change his name to something more manly, like Steve, reacted on Twitter — and so did his dad.

As reported by the Inquisitr, mean tweets have been read on the Kimmel show by everyone from President Obama to children.

[Image via YouTube]