The Master Of Card Trickery: Video Of Irishman’s Card Trick Goes Viral [Video]

An Irishman is enjoying a game of pool and some drinks with friends when he decides to impress with a little bit of card magic. The “master of card trickery,” Dave Duggan does his version of the popular 673 King Street card on the pool table and it almost immediately goes viral. The video has been viewed over 1.1 million times as of this posting.

The video shows a group of Irishmen around a pool table enjoying some pints of beer. The video shows Duggan as he delivers what is being considered by many as the most entertaining 673 King Street trick of all time. What makes Dave’s rendition of the popular trick so much more entertaining is that he had a few drinks before performing his impressive trick.

The Telegraph notes that the video was originally uploaded to the Facebook group “The Lad Bible” by a friend and was an instant hit. Since being posted on June 1, the video has received an astonishing 1.1 million views. For those who have not seen the 673 King Street card trick, it features a card trick set to a storyline. The trick requires the use of the entire deck of cards with each card representing a different aspect of the story. For example, the trick begins with the presenter stating that, “The other night I met up with a few girls. There were two red-heads.” As he says, “two red-heads” the card trickster turns over the top two cards in his deck which would be the Queen of Hearts and Queen of Diamonds to represent the red-heads. The story continues in this manner with each top card featuring symbols for portions of the story.

However, what makes the trick so impressive to those watching is the fact that members of the audience are allowed to cut the deck and the deck is shuffled.

What do you think of the impressive party trick? Have you seen similar card tricks with storylines in the past?

[Image Credit: YouTube]