Rob Kardashian Spotted After 100-Pound Weight Gain: Will Rob And Caitlyn Jenner Compete On ‘Dancing With The Stars’?

Rob Kardashian was spotted in California for the first time since Bruce Jenner became Caitlyn Jenner. The public spotting revealed a rare appearance for the secluded only son of the Kardashian family, reported the Daily Mail.

At 28, Rob has removed himself as much as possible from the spotlight that shines on the Kardashians and Jenners. He has gained 100 pounds in the last year, according to his mother Kris Jenner’s revelation on Keeping Up with the Kardashians.

Although his sisters all were aware of Bruce’s transition, Rob was bewildered when Kim Kardashian sent him the Vanity Fair cover showing Caitlyn Jenner for the first time.

“Kim, why are you sending me this? Who is this woman and why do I care?” Rob asked his sister.

However, Kim revealed that after he understood what the cover represented, he called Caitlyn.

Although Rob’s sisters have reacted in different ways to his significant weight gain and the fact that he has rarely been spotted in public recently, it’s his mother, Kris, who is the most outspoken and concerned as she revealed on the Kardashian family’s show.

“If I don’t help him do something drastic, he’s going to die. He was someone who was very athletic and he’s gained over 100 pounds in the last year. I’m just waiting for this horrible thing to happen and there’s nothing we can do about it.”

As the Inquisitr noted, some reports indicated that Rob had checked into a rehab recently for treatment of issues that allegedly included alcohol, marijuana, cough syrup with codeine (Sizzurp), and weight gain. However, Kris denied those reports.

But sources have confirmed that Kardashian is suffering from severe depression, reported People.

Although the family has attempted to hold interventions to help him, Rob feels bitter about his sisters’ success.

“He’s sad, he’s bitter, he’s single. He is very depressed and has been [for a while]. It’s really hard for him that his sisters are so public and he looks like the shut-in.”

What does the future hold for Kardashian, who so impressed both judges and viewers when he lost weight and got in the swing on Dancing with the Stars?

Both Rob and Caitlyn Jenner may appear in the next season of the show, reported the Gossip Herald.

Known for the way that it transforms bodies and minds while giving amateurs the chance to dance away the pounds and stress, Dancing with the Stars has recently showcased the weight loss of celebrities such as Kelly Osbourne and Kirsti Alley. Could Rob Kardashian be next in a return?

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[Photo by Stephen Lovekin/Getty Images]