Bristol Palin Is Bristling Mad Over ‘Lena Dunham Double Standard’ With Duggar Family, And She Has A Point

Bristol Palin probably isn’t the type of person you want on your bad side. While there isn’t much physically imposing about her, she’s a very opinionated person, and she knows her way around a firearm.

She also doesn’t mind going against the media grain and calling out “hypocrisy” when she sees it.

Such is the case with her June 4 rant on Patheos that essentially defends the Duggar family — though not Josh Duggar for the molestation of his four sisters — and calls out media outlets that were celebrating Lena Dunham’s book in which she made some disturbing confessions regarding her little sister.

First, Bristol Palin points out that the confessions came in Lena’s book Not That Kind of Girl in which the comedian writes that she had been “experimenting sexually with her younger sister Grace,” and persuading the young girl to kiss her using “anything a sexual predator might do.”

“In one particularly unsettling passage,” Palin writes, “Dunham experimented with her six-year younger sister’s vagina,” stating that it “was within the spectrum of things I did.”

The book also details Lena Dunham “bribing her [sister] to kiss her for prolonged periods and even masturbating while she is in the bed beside her,” Palin explains.

Dunham was largely given a free pass by left-wing media outlets like Slate even though some of the things happened when her sister Grace was reportedly too young to know what was going on and Lena was old enough to know better, the way many on the left are saying that Josh was old enough to know better, Bristol reasons.

Here’s more from her Patheos rant, entitled, “Let’s Get This Straight, Liberals — What Kinds of Molestation are Acceptable?”

“Remember the liberal media outrage [over Dunham]?

“Oh that’s right. It didn’t happen. The liberal media darling Dunham was praised for her ‘honest and witty’ book.

“The double standards make me sick. Josh Duggar touched a sleeping girls breast – a terrible thing to go. But now their ENTIRE family is punished and their hit show is canceled? He’s labeled as a pedophile? His family is crucified!

“Liberals in today’s media can do no wrong, while conservatives can do no right.”

Following Bristol’s post, her mom, the former candidate for Vice President Sarah Palin, got in on the act with an even bigger takedown of the Lena Dunham coverage.

According to the elder Palin, people needed to face repercussions for illegally releasing Josh Duggar’s police report from something he did as a juvenile. From her Facebook post.

“The Duggar debate needs to shift from solely the boy’s obvious wrongdoing when he was 14 years old to now include:

1) The shocking, unethical leak of a private, legally protected counseling document by a politically motivated law enforcement official. Media — time to go after her or him for illegalities and for destroying the public’s trust in law enforcement.

2) The media’s hell-bent mission to go after the entire Duggar family for one member’s wrongdoing, while giving a total pass to perverted actions of someone like Lena Dunham – or any other leftwinger celeb caught doing awful things. Remember reports of the pedophile billionaire our former democrat president has been friends with and hung out with on the pedophile’s “orgy island” full of underage girls?”

Do you think Sarah and Bristol Palin have a point about the Lena Dunham comparison and the media’s lack of outrage over that incident? Sound off in the comments section.

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