‘Stone Cold Stunner’ Graduates Are Having Diplomas Withheld For Hilarious Stunt

The “Stone Cold Stunner” felled many a tough guy when “Stone Cold” Steve Austin was an active WWE wrestler, but it may live in hilarious infamy for inspiring a graduation stunt heard ’round the world.

Unfortunately, for the two graduating seniors at the heart of it, it’s gotten their diplomas withheld from Miami’s Southwest High.

Nicholas Dean, the boy who hoisted a WWE Championship belt over his head when his name was called out, was promptly given the “Stone Cold Stunner” by friend Joseph Castro a few seconds later.

Someone filming the stunt for a Vine posted it to the video sharing platform, and things took off from there.

But because the boys disrupted the ceremony, albeit side-splittingly, administrators “told us we should be embarrassed and ashamed,” said Dean in comments to Local 10.

As a result, the administration is mandating a parent-administrator conference next week before they will even think about releasing the diplomas.

When asked if the disciplinary action was worth it, both boys agreed.

“Oh, it was worth it,” said Dean. “Totally worth it,” added Castro.

The school’s actions have many angry. Fansided‘s Jonathan Bass had some stern words especially.

“Welcome, again, to the real world. Something like this doesn’t just reflect poorly on you; it also embarrasses those people whom have no rightful claim over you, but like to believe that they do. You made them feel ashamed, even though they were merely bystanders. Doesn’t make sense, you say? Real world.

“Now go become productive members of society, gain fame and notoriety, and expect some fundraising phone calls from said school officials in, oh, 10-15 years. Real world.”

He followed that up with “12 hours of booing sound effects.”

My take, I can see where the administration might feel like they have to do something. After all, these things have a way of snowballing and before long, you have a funny disruption turning into six or seven or eight kids at the next ceremonies doing something embarrassing or unfunny all in an attempt to get “noticed.”

This particular case? I think having the meeting is one thing. Continuing to hold on to the boys’ diplomas after the meeting? Well, that would stretch the boundaries of keeping an “orderly” school and be nothing but a power trip.

Either way, Dean and Castro aren’t regretting anything, nor should they. What do you think about how the school is handling the “Stone Cold Stunner” graduation stunt? Sound off in the comments section.

[Image via screen grab from the original Vine]

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