Luminous Orb UFO Fleet Filmed Over Lake Tahoe [Video]

A man, Mario Cazares, captured seven luminous orb UFOs over Lake Tahoe. Cazares was on vacation at Lake Tahoe when he noticed luminous orbs in the sky at about 6 p.m. on April 10, 2015.

Although, several sightings of luminous orb UFOs in the past have been shown to be balloons, Cazares insists that the pattern of movement of the orbs shows they were not balloons, according to Open Minds-TV.

And his description of the behavior of the orbs might suggest they were not balloons. According to Cazares, they were changing speed and position in the sky in a manner that suggests they might have been powered objects.

Fortunately, he was carrying a video camera at the time and was able to record the sightings in several videos.

He posted the first of the series of videos to YouTube under the username Daniel Neamtu on May 7, 2015, explaining that the videos show UFOs he sighted while on vacation at Lake Tahoe.

According to Cazares, the clips show seven identical luminous orb UFOs which appear to be deliberately hiding behind the clouds as if they knew they were being filmed.

Although he described the objects as luminous, he believes they were only reflecting sunlight.

He experienced difficulty filming the orbs because it was bright outside and he could not see his video screen. He pointed his camera in the direction of the orbs in the sky hoping he would be able to capture the orbs on video.

He notes that the viewer would need at least a 24″ monitor to find the orbs. The third and fourth videos of the series are slowed down four times and the fifth video eight times to make the light orbs more visible.

Open Minds-TV’s Alejandro Rojas notes that white orb UFOs are fairly common form of UFO sighting in daylight. But he points out that many sightings turn out to be balloons.

He cites a case in which a man reported sighting luminous orb UFOs. But the orbs were later shown to be Google balloons. The balloons were able to change speed and direction in a manner similar to Cazares’ Lake Tahoe orbs.

The difference in the case of Cazares’ UFOs is that he reports they moved very fast, changed direction abruptly and hovered in the sky for long periods unlike balloons.

Questions about the nature of white orbs have been complicated by people claiming that they are able to summon them.

The viewer can form an independent opinion about Cazares’s sighting from the videos posted above.

Were they alien UFOs, light reflections in the sky or balloons?

[Images: YouTube]

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