Izabel Laxamana Reaction Video: Public Mourns 13-Year-Old Suicide Victim

Izabel Laxamana ended her life by jumping off a bridge after her father posted a shame video online of him cutting off her hair. The public mourns in tribute.

If you haven’t kept up with the story, the Laxamana family is being hounded due to their daughter’s untimely death. The public believes that Izabel killed herself because of what her father did to her.

The News Tribune reported on the suicide incident on June 1, 2015.

“Tacoma police reported Friday afternoon that someone jumped or fell from the South 48th Street bridge over Interstate 5, and school officials confirmed Monday that the victim was a Giaudrone student. She was taken to a Seattle hospital, where she died Saturday. On Monday, the King County Medical Examiners’ office ruled the death a suicide.”

However, from Laxamana’s own social media account, it can be seen that she felt very much alone and bullied at school. Unfortunately, her father probably didn’t know she was being bullied enough to contemplate such an act.

Izabel Laxamana Video Tribute - Public Mourns 13-Year-Old Suicide Victim
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On August 13, 2014, Izabel commented on a video via her Google Plus account — a video called “Alone,” which tackled subjects of stress, depression, and anxiety.

“I feel hated most of the time im in school i feel looked down on and i get judged alot…. But what keeps me going is people like kian who have gone through the same thing as me… In a school with so many people its weird to say ‘i feel alone’ but the truth is that you really do feel alone. So thanks for everything kian….”

The suicide story was covered extensively by the Inquisitr. In the article, it states that the teen jumped without hesitation. What do you think contributed to Izabel’s mindset? Should the blame be placed solely on the father, or are there other factors outside of the family?

Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below.

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