After Banning ‘Love Locks’ On Pont des Arts Bridge, Paris Kills Remainig Love By Removing The Rest

Historically, a love lock is a padlock couples would lock to a fence, gate, bridge, or similar public fixture that has their names on it, then throw away the key. It is meant to symbolize unbreakable love. Given the story behind them, it would only be expected that tourist couples would partake in such an endeavor if they were to visit Paris which is often known as “The City of Love.”

However, late last month, the Inquisitr reported that Paris made it illegal for tourists (or anyone for that matter) to hang a love lock on the chain-link fences of the Pont des Arts bridge. The reason why is they consider, said love locks to be litter or vandalism. Not to mention, there is a bit of a cost in removing them too.

Though Paris has made it clear they no longer want love locks on their beloved Pont des Arts bridge, they are taking strides to make sure no more love locks will ever be put on it ever again. The initial part of their plan is going to break the hearts of millions of couples who proclaimed unbroken love on the bridge as Paris will now remove all the love locks that have been locked there over the decades.

According to The Local France, hundreds of thousands of love locks will be removed which started on Monday, June 1, 2015, as stated by the Paris Town Hall. The reason for the removal isn’t because Paris shows a distaste for tourists expressing their love through love locks. They understand its significance. However, the multitude of love locks on the Pont des Arts have left the bridge in a state of disrepair. The final straw was when the a part of the railing of the Pont des Arts collapsed under the tantamount weight. This is surely a danger for locals who live in the area.

Quartz followed-up on the monumental Paris news, providing the remainder of Paris’ plan for the Pont des Arts. After the “cadenas d’amour” (a million love locks), weighing up to a staggering 45 tons, are removed, the Pont des Arts will close for the summer. Glass panels will be permanently installed in place of the chain-link fence. The same treatment will also be given to the Pont de l’Archeveché, a bridge near the Notre Dame Cathedral, which is also suffering from the weight of thousands of love locks.

Lovers on Pont des Arts
Lovers – especially those who are tourists – often attach a “love lock” to the Pont de Arts.

The two bridges will reopen sometime in October, much to the delight of locals who have pleaded with Anne Hidalgo, the mayor of Paris, to do something about them. As for tourists, the removal of love locks is a saddening. Jean – who placed a love lock with his “illegitimate” partner on the Pont des Arts years ago – made such a sentiment in the Tribune deGenève.

“It’s a bit silly and unfortunate. It’s symbolic to add a padlock to seal your love on this bridge here in Paris, the city of love.”

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