‘Biggest And Baddest’: Niall McCann Wrestles Giant Anacondas In Nat Geo Wild TV Series Premieres Friday

Biggest And Baddest 2 returns to television with a new season premiere Friday night on Nat Geo Wild. The TV show teases that Amazon biologist and researcher Niall McCann will search the murkiest of waters to find giant anacondas that live in the world’s most dangerous jungles and swamps. Biggest & Baddest first aired on Animal Planet Canada on October 2, 2012. This second series on Nat Geo Wild promises to bring viewers the most fierce and exciting animal captures — ever. Adventurer Niall McCann lives for this sort of thing. It excites him.

“There’s something intrinsically fascinating about the animals that are either the largest or the most dangerous in the world.”

In tonight’s Biggest & Baddest TV episode, viewers will hear a local man talk about his sister, who witnessed a man being eaten by a giant anaconda in the Caura River. The man, who spoke in Spanish, stated that his sister was in the car with a driver who stopped to see what he thought was a truck tire. But, upon closer examination, he realized that it was huge anaconda. Instead of leaving, the man poked and prodded the anaconda with sticks and stones until it finally struck him. He yelled for help, but the helpless woman sat inside the car frozen with fear as she watched her driver being squeezed and pulled for about five minutes before he died. According to the local man, his sister never got over the dangerous encounter.

And that’s just the beginning of what you’ll see and hear about it in this new fascinating episode. Viewers will feast their upon the biggest and baddest creatures known to man. The Discovery TV show, Eaten Alive, also featured large jungle creatures with Paul Rosolie. There was also a movie called Anaconda that was released in 1997 starring Jennifer Lopez.

Here's Niall. In his element--doing what he does best.
Here’s Niall. In his element–doing what he does best.

Before you view the show tonight at 8/7c, take a look at a couple of facts about anacondas, according to Discovery Channel.

“The Anaconda uses its rows of needle like teeth to anchor itself to the prey’s flesh. Once in its grip it goes in for the kill, wrapping coils of powerful muscle around the prey. The coils constrict, stopping the animal breathing, even crushing vital organs.

[The] anaconda lies at the water’s edge waiting for animals to come down for a drink. A surprise attack allows them to subdue huge prey such as the tapir and deer. When they’ve made the kill, the anaconda unlocks their jaw bones. Walking them down the victim’s body to swallow the huge prey whole.”


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