Google Photos Will Revolutionize Businesses With Unlimited Storage And Other Handy Features

Google Photos is a now a separate entity from Google+, and the result is something that both businesses and consumers can enjoy. This latest version keeps many of the favorite features the same, but there are also many changes, the most important of which is new, unlimited storage for photos and videos, as reported earlier on Inquisitr.

The current Google Photos platform now works independently from other Google entities such as Google+, where it originated as a part of that social network. The photo hub was useful for its purposes on the social network, but Google decided it was time to make an important change, and unlimited storage was born.

This upgrade to Google Photos will revolutionize business processing with their unlimited storage and other handy features. It delivers an easy-to-use platform with a variety of exciting features, including the following.

Editing Capabilities

One of the biggest things the original Google Photos platform lacked was editing capabilities. Director of the Photos team, Anil Sabharwal, reported as follows.

“We went back to the drawing board and built an editor that we believe is incredibly powerful yet simple…[Google] wanted to deliver a consistent user experience across all platforms, and for the Web, across all browsers. This means many of the higher-end editing capabilities are not there.”

Despite leaving out some of the higher-end features, the editor allows basic editing functions, and is designed to work for a wider audience across a multitude of browser platforms. It uses more advanced editing services like WebGL for graphics processing and Native Client for high performance and easy usability.

This feature will be particularly useful for businesses who rely on high-quality photos and graphics to keep their consumers attentive.

Business and website building aid Spaces explains this concept clearly.

“Professional graphics [and photos]-or professional-looking ones anyway-are now a requirement for doing business on the web… Good looking images are the bare minimum for social media posts and blog posts… Awesome looking graphics are how you stand out from the crowd.”

This statement is true for all businesses with a website, but finding a decent editor at an affordable price can be a major challenge, particularly for small businesses. The free photo editor Google offers will make this process much easier.

Organizational Upgrades

Because of the unlimited storage, high-end organization is a must, and Google Photos doesn’t disappoint. Using smart technologies similar to what your email uses, Photos can sort images into groups and folders based on dates, people, places, and objects. It’s very similar to the way Facebook recognizes faces.

Furthermore, the new system offers a handy feature that allows searching through the photos based on an algorithm. By typing in words like “cat,” the algorithm will search through the photos using object recognition and keywords.

Spending hours sorting through photos at work will be a thing of the past, since this unlimited storage system makes it possible to find the images and graphics you need in no time.

The App

All of these features and more are available on the Google Photos app, which makes it possible to upload photos directly from a smartphone, and then organize them all in a matter of minutes. The app is compatible for any mobile operating system.

More Big Data Streams

Google is one of the largest collectors of big data today, which is why they are one of the largest corporations in the world. Their ability to collect data is also a major perk for businesses, who can buy this data and use it to market directly to consumers and gain feedback, even without contacting the customer personally. Photos will streamline the collection process and use the data for business marketing techniques, making it easier than ever for companies to profile their consumers.

Though this can be a very good thing for driving business, many, including Apple’s Tim Cook, have widely criticized this feature. Cook publicly rebuked companies like Google for mining private information and selling it to advertisers.

Despite calls for a better, less invasive product, this newest update to Google Photos will truly revolutionize businesses. Unlimited storage and other handy features are just the thing this program needed to deliver a great, free product both businesses and consumers can enjoy.

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