Aubrey O’Day Walks Off ‘Celebrity Apprentice’ [Video]

Sunday night NBC left fans of the Celebrity Apprentice hanging when Aubrey O’Day walked out of the boardroom.

Though she’s usually one tough cookie, O’Day couldn’t handle the muck being slung her way during the final stretch of Sunday’s 3-hour episode of the show and walked off the set, saying:

“I don’t want to be around all the negativity anymore … the environment is so ugly. I just don’t know if this is the right place for me.”

Instead of heading back to the apartment, however, the former Danity Kane singer was seen heading for the elevator, which fired stars use to exit the show.

While fans of the feisty red-head were left wondering if she quit the show, O’Day later explained she just needed to cool down.

“lol. I went 2 church!” Aubrey tweeted after the incident and added that she plans on remaining a contestant on the Celebrity Apprentice. “Love that y’all think I’d quit… I’ve worked for bigger queens!”

So what led up to Aubrey’s walk-off? Examiner’s Matt Carter fills us in:

It came after a heated argument with Project Manager Arsenio Hall after a team swap, as the late-night host called her out for being selfish and trying to take credit for some things that she did not completely do.

At one point, Aubrey tried to take full credit for some team quotes that were put on a box. Arsenio immediately called her out and Aubrey was shocked because this was the first time that Arsenio really let her have it.

It eventually escalated with Arsenio, explaining to O’Day that she was a selfish non-team player. Clay backed him up on that and eventually the entire team agreed they would elect for Aubrey to be fired if they lost.

At that moment Aubrey teared up and said she didn’t like Arsenio anymore. Arsenio pointed out her ill feelings were due to the fact that he would have to “kiss her ass” for her to like him and wasn’t planning on stooping to that level.

Watch the boardroom banter that led to Aubrey O’Day‘s exit from the Celebrity Apprentice in the video below:

US Magazine writes O’Day seemed to be in much better spirits April 1 in general, when she took to Twitter again to play an April Fool’s joke on her followers.

“I’ve been nervous to tell you this tweets, it’s been 3 1/2 months in hiding” she wrote. “But, I’m PREGNANT.”

Readers: What did you think about the Aubrey O’Day vs. Arsenio Hall feud? Are you on team Aubrey’s side, or team Arsenio’s side? Sound off in the comment section below.

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