Former Texas Governor Rick Perry Announced Second Bid For White House In 2016

Former Texas governor, Rick Perry, has entered into the 2016 presidential election four years after his campaign ended in the midst of debate gaffes, CNN reported. In a video released online on Thursday, Perry said as follows.

“If we’re going to revive this American dream again, we need a president who provides leadership that transcends the petty partisanship we’ve seen in the last few years. Someone that’s been tested and a president who tells the American people the truth.”

Perry, seeking the Republican nomination for president, announced his candidacy in a video released on his website on Thursday, the New York Times reported. In the video, Perry highlighted the reasons he would be running for president, on the stance of returning America to new heights. Perry continued in the video, saying as follows.

“We need a president who bridges the partisan divide rather than widen — who brings people together. We must do right and risk the consequences.”

Perry also commented on the other candidates in the election process, saying that his campaign will focus on leadership. Perry has said that Americans need a president with leadership experience, as reported in the Inquisitr. Perry said the following in his announcement video.

“You see a lot of candidates will say the right things. Whether it’s about the border, whether it’s about taxes, whether it’s about spending, but we need a president who has done the right thing.”

Perry has spent most of his time out of office as Texas governor fundraising in Iowa. Since 2014, Iowa has been Perry’s focus, and while he has remained under the radar in the state, he has still been making strides in the vital state. Former political consultant and a top strategist for Perry in his 2012 campaign for president, David M. Carney, said the following about Perry running again in 2016.

“Activists will be attracted to him and give him a second chance if he can bring some buzz and show the energy to demonstrate he can build a viable effort… With so many new shiny objects in the race this cycle, this will be the hardest hurdle he will need to climb. Perry provides a robust record of accomplishments that no one can rival… The question remains: Can he put the other pieces into play, and has his time passed?”

Perry enters the 2016 presidential race struggling against a stronger Republican group of candidates. He’ll have to work to seek the approval of voters, while his campaign in 2012 is still fresh in the minds of many voters.

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