Whitney Bischoff Heads To The Bar After Chris Soules Split

Whitney Bischoff wanted to spend her life on the famous farm in Arlington, Iowa, with Chris Soules, which was why she applied to be on The Bachelor. Unlike many of the ladies, Bischoff was ready to move away from the life and job she loved and start over. And while she was ready to put everything on the line, it sounds like Soules wasn’t in it for the long haul.

Many believed that there was tension between Whitney Bischoff and Soules once they got engaged. Some believed that Whitney was unhappy with his stint on Dancing with the Stars, while others thought that he was more interested in ladies other than Bischoff. As many predicted, this relationship didn’t last.

According to a new tweet, Whitney Bischoff is dealing with her broken heart by hitting up a New York bar to watch some hockey playoffs with friends. Bischoff has been keeping a somewhat low profile since the news disseminated to the world that she would not be living on the farm in Iowa with Chris. However, Whitney looks happy while hanging out, even though some viewers claimed that she looked sad.

“Game 1. Stanley Cup Finals. Let’s bring home the cup, Hawks!” Whitney Bischoff revealed on social media, while tagging herself at the West End Bar & Grill in New York.

Someone did snap a picture of Bischoff, but she didn’t clarify who she was with. There are many Bachelor and Bachelorette contestants in the New York area, so it is very possible that someone reached out to her to hang out. One can imagine that Chris and Whitney made the decision to split days before the announcement was made public, so it is very possible that Bischoff had the chance to grieve in private.

While Whitney Bischoff is hanging out at the bar, cheering herself up with hockey and good company, Chris has been spending time with his family on the farm. He recently revealed that he had finished planting the seeds for the new season. Because of this season’s ending, it is possible that Whitney will get a second chance at finding love. Some Bachelor experts argue that Chris never wanted a wife, which means Whitney Bischoff was cheated into thinking this was true. According to the Inquisitr, Bischoff may get the chance at finding love again.

What do you think of Whitney Bischoff’s breakup recovery plans? What do you think went wrong?

[Image via Instagram]