Baby Girl Died After Teacher Mom ‘Forgot’ Her In Hot Car

A baby girl died on Tuesday, June 2, after her mother, a teacher, allegedly “forgot” her in a hot car while she went inside to teach for nearly eight hours.

According to the Bay County Sheriff’s department, “Jamie Buckley, a teacher at Cedar Grove Elementary, arrived at school this morning between 7 and 7:30 [a.m.] and forgot the child in the car.”

The baby girl, identified as 18-month-old Reagan Buckley, was discovered to be still in the car when her mother returned at the end of the school day, at approximately 3:15 p.m.

“The Bay County Sheriff’s Office responded to Cedar Grove Elementary this afternoon at 3:15 in reference to a life threatening medical call,” the Sheriff’s department said in a statement issued via Facebook. “Deputies arrived to discover an 18 month old child that was not breathing. EMS arrived and the child, a girl, was pronounced dead at the scene,” the statement added. “Investigators from the Criminal Investigations Division and the BCSO Crime Scene Unit were called to the scene.”

“We responded to the school in reference to a child not breathing,” Sgt. Chad King said, according to a previous report by the Inquisitr. “She was not able to be resuscitated.”

According to Click Orlando, temperatures in Florida hovered around 83 degrees on Tuesday. Authorities have not yet said whether or not charges will be filed against the mother. This is at least the third death this year from a child being left in a hot vehicle.

The baby girl dying in the hot car has many Facebook users outraged, wondering how a mother could simply “forget” her child in the vehicle.

“Something is odd when you see children at school and they don’t remind you of your own..that mom needs serious help..” one user wrote.

“Judgement aside i know for a fact id never leave a living being locked in a car all day, and anyone that does and clames it as an ‘accident’ should be punished for their lack commen sense, [sic]” another comment read.

“WTH is going on that people can ‘FORGET’ their infants/toddlers in a car? Really? The kid does not make ANY sounds on the drive to work? The mother does not check to see if she possibly left something in the back seat? Throw the damn book at her, hopefully it hits her in the head and knocks some sense into her! Incredible!” another user commented.

What do you think the mother’s punishment should be for letting her baby girl die in the car? Leave your comments below.

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