India’s Hitler Ice Cream Upsetting Many In Germany

Outrage is flying around social media platforms after photos advertising Hitler ice cream were widely shared. Manufactured in Uttar Pradesh in India, the ice cream cones have outraged many Germans.

Cartons containing the Hitler ice cream are branded with photos of Adolf Hitler himself, wearing a brown jacket, along with a more cartoonish image of Hitler wearing a top hat plastered with a swastika.

Once news of the Hitler ice cream gaff spread in India, Congress leader Shashi Tharoor tweeted, “Height of tastelessness; Indian ice-cream named after Hitler. Would the Germans name a sausage after Godse?” (Nathuram Godse was a militant Hindu nationalist organizer in India, who is known for the assassination of Mahatma Gandhi).

The Hitler ice cream cones were apparently made by the company MVF Products, based in Meerut. The owner, Neeraj Kumar, told the Hindustan Times that the cones were named after an uncle with a quick temper who apparently bears the nickname “Hitler.”

He said the ice cream had nothing to do with the Fuhrer himself, despite the images on the packaging. In fact, Kumar reckons that anyone in their Uttar Pradesh village who has a short temper gets the nickname Hitler.

“In our Uttar Pradesh village, anyone who has a ‘karak mejaz’ is called Hitler. One of my uncles is a short-tempered and strict man, so we nicknamed him Hitler.

While naming this particular batch of cones, I thought why can’t we have a little fun at the expense of my uncle and name the cones after him! That was how the name originated.”

It turns out, however, that the Hitler ice cream cones were sold out almost a year ago, so Kumar was rather puzzled why photos of the controversial products were doing the social media rounds now. He reckons no one in his area would really know who Hitler was, anyway.

“The naming of the cone had nothing to do with who Hitler was. One batch of cones was called Chacha Chaudhary cones – we use names which connect with common people and are popular.

And I don’t think we even scored some marketing points by using Hitler’s photos. I don’t think people who buy the cones, in UP villages, know anything about Hitler.”

The Daily Mail confirmed that the Holocaust was not top on the list in education in India and that the whole Hitler ice cream thing was simply a macabre joke.

Meanwhile, the Inquisitr recently reported on a Nazi death notice that was published in an Austrian newspaper recently that included the deceased’s rank in the notorious SS.

[Image: CC by-SA 3.0 German Federal Archive]

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