News Reporter Attempts To Interview Dead Man Killed By Police On Live TV [Video]

A Brazilian news reporter was hoping to get an exclusive interview with a suspect in a grocery store robbery. The reporter begins asking a man in a blue shirt lying handcuffed on the ground questions but gets no response. He then pokes the man on the shoulder and realizes that his interviewee is dead.

The Daily Mail reports that a reporter with TV Atalaia in Brazil was called to the scene where police had been involved in a shootout with some grocery store robbers. The reporter interviewed some of the police officers and two men that were handcuffed on the ground before moving on to a man in a blue shirt. The reporter asks the man a question but does not get a response. He then pokes the man before realizing the alleged robber he is trying to interview is dead. The reporter says, “this one is hurt,” and then realizes the magnitude of his mistake and says somewhat jokingly, “‘Amazingly, I was going to interview a guy who’s already dead.”

Police note that the handcuffed men were responsible for a robbery at a local grocery store. They say a shootout ensured and that the man in blue, one of the thieves, was caught in the crossfire of the altercation.

The video shows the somewhat disturbing encounter as the reporter kneels down beside the deceased man to get the exclusive interview. Can you believe that a reporter attempted to interview a man who was already dead? Does it surprise you at all?

[Image Credit: Screenshot Daily Mail Video]

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