Butt Injections, Death: 34-Year-Old BET Employee Dies From Silicone Butt Lift Shots After Woman Giving Shots Runs Away [Video]

Kelly Mayhew was a 34-year-old employee of BET Networks who had traveled about 5 hours in order to get butt injections, but ended up with fatal results. Now, BET has issued a statement about Mayhew, who died after the woman administering the shots fled the scene.

Last seen driving a grey BMW SUV, the woman who gave Kelly the butt injection shots in the basement apartment of a Far Rockaway home is being sought by authorities. The ad-hoc butt lift went awry in the middle of the procedure, when Mayhew stopped breathing, began gurgling, and suffered a heart attack.

Autopsy results will confirm if indeed it was a noxious blend of silicone that caused Mayhew’s death. Needles and other medical bags were recovered from the scene — the same place where a neighbor confessed that a steady stream of women had been coming in and out of the basement butt-lifting shop for the last 6 months.

The reported nurse practitioner who performed the butt injection shots on Kelly was a friend of the basement tenant.

As reported by the Inquisitr, butt injection shots from the notorious “Black Madam” featured her speaking on trial about famous names such as Amber Rose and Serena Williams. But that infamous “Black Madam” butt injection trial also came about due to an untimely death — and as such, experts suggest those wanting butt lifts to find the best place to get the shots done, which include medical establishments that know how to prevent and react to emergencies.

The butt-enlargement injections in the New York basement that killed Kelly, reports USA TODAY, were received by the Suitland, Maryland, woman — who may have believed the shot-giver was a licensed doctor.

According to 7 Online, Mayhew’s mother — who accompanied her daughter to the butt injection visit — tried to administer CPR to her daughter, but even the EMTs that arrived couldn’t revive Kelly.

Google reports that more than 22,000 searches come into their search engine each month for “butt injections,” with another 6,600 each for related terms like “butt shots” and “butt lift.” With so many women turning to potentially inexperienced or fake doctors to get their butt injections using liquid silicone, reports the New York Daily News, the procedure is popular yet dangerous in the hands of the fraudulent.

As reported by ABC News, similar cosmetic surgeries to butt silicone injections have grown — according to Dr. Scot Glasberg, president of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons.

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