Trayvon Martin: Expert Says Screams On 911 Call Were Not George Zimmerman’s

George Zimmerman claims that he shot Trayvon Martin in self defense. The neighborhood watchman says that he was attacked by Martin and only shot him as a last result. But two forensic experts have come out to say that the the voice screaming for help on the 911 call was not Zimmerman’s.

The New York Daily News reports that two forensic experts analyzed the screams on the 911 call and came to the conclusion that the screams didn’t match Zimerman’s voice.

Tom Owen, a forensic consultant for Owen Forensic Services LLC, said that there was only a 48% chance that Zimmerman was the one crying for help. Owen said that positive match rates are usually higher than 90%.

Owen said:

“As a result of that, you can say with reasonable scientific certainty that it’s not Zimmerman.”

Owen did, however, say that he couldn’t be sure that the voice on the tape belonged to Trayvon Martin. Owen said that it was impossible to tell since he didn’t have a ample of the teen’s voice.

Ed Primeau, however, said that he was fairly certain that it was Martin screaming for help. Primeau, an audio engineer from Michigan, compared the 911 call to a call that Trayvon made to his girlfriend shortly before the attack. Primeau said:

“I believe that’s Trayvon Martin in the background, without a doubt… That’s a young man screaming.”

Owen and Primeau aren’t the only two who are doubting Zimmerman’s story. The funeral director last week said that he saw no signs of struggle on Trayvon’s body. A video also recently surfaced showing Zimmerman arriving at the police station. Zimmerman claimed that he suffered injuries during Martin’s attack but he doesn’t appear to be injured in the video.

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