Hold A Coke With Your Boobs Challenge Is Fake, Hundreds Participate Anyway

An adult entertainment website has tricked a plethora of men and women into sticking a can of coke between their breasts, all in the name of charity. Unfortunately for those involved and for breast cancer charities across the world, it was all a ruse. However, it has still helped to raise awareness of breast cancer anyway.

Over the last few days, a social media campaign has been asking people to place a coke between their boobs, then take a selfie, before proceeding to plaster it across social media alongside the hashtag #HoldACokeWithYourBoobsChallenge.

It says quite a lot about the viral trends that do raise money for charitable causes that this one started to instantly spread like wildfire, and people didn’t actually realize that it was fake.

As the trend started to grow and grow, Danny Frost, who is a talent scout in the world of adult entertainment, soon took to his own Instagram account to admit that, alongside Gemma Jaxx, he was the one responsible for starting it.

Frost wrote, “I’m Danny Frost. Gemma Jaxx and I are the creators of the #Holdacokewithyourboobschallenge. Any page on instagram or twitter saying they are holdacokewithyourboobschallenge is fake. We only have a fan page on Facebook.”

You can head over to Frost’s aforementioned Facebook page here, where you can read Frost and Jaxx’s impassioned message explaining how the viral trend got out of control. “We started the challenge as a joke. We were making fun of all these other challenges,” they insisted. “We never thought it would take off, but it did. People started posting that it was for a breast cancer awareness charity, and we thought why not do something good with this, so we went with it.”

In fact, Frost and Jaxx added that even though it has had a rather inauspicious beginning, they are rather proud that this fad has helped to encourage women to check for lumps and seek out mammograms. The pair signed off their message with, “We want to get to a point w[h]ere women don’t have to worry about losing their breast[s]. And we want every woman to do her exams. That’s what this challenge is about and grew into.”

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Editors Note: Representatives from the Breast Cancer Research Foundation have reached out to the Inquisitr.

Breast Cancer Research Foundation does not support this campaign, we have no additional information about it on our website, and we do not plan on accepting any donations from this campaign. Breast cancer is a serious global health issue that impacts millions of women and men around the world and we believe that breast cancer should not be trivialized.

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