Sam Smith Almost Ready To Talk Again After Vocal Cord Surgery

Sam Smith has been anxiously awaiting the time when he can talk again. The recording artist had surgery on his vocal chords three weeks ago and if his Twitter account is any indication he’s more than ready to start using his money maker again. Sam Smith tweeted on Monday that he had “two more sleeps” until he was able to speak which means today he should be just about ready to start working what his mama gave him again.

In fact, just this morning, he took to Twitter again, continuing his private and unofficial countdown by tweeting out “today is the day.” It stands to reason Sam Smith will need to head to a doctor’s office and get the finalokay but he certainly seems to think it’s well past time to get started. As ContactMusic reports, since Sam Smith underwent the surgery, he’s been using a female voice app that sounds similar to Professor Stephen Hawking’s device in order to talk with his friends.

Sam Smith has used this device in order to talk to his friends and family, according to his producer Jimmy Napes. The producer thinks the lengths to which he has gone in order to communicate verbally with his friends and family is actually quite funny. “He’s doing well, he’s resting up. He’s got an app that speaks for him and it’s like Stephen Hawking, where you type something in, except it’s in a girls’ voice – which is hilarious.” Napes said in a recent interview.

It’s been a rather active spring for the singer. Earlier this month is was revealed that he and another British singing star are living quite near one another. The crooner is in the same neighborhood as Boy George these days. While there hasn’t been any word on what Boy George thinks of the voice app, Napes believes his client has actually taken to the female voice synthesizer to the point where it might actually make an appearance on the next album.

Of course, if it turns out that Sam Smith actually isn’t able to speak today, if it turns out that it’s going to take a little bit more recuperation, there’s a chance he’ll learn to hate the thing. Until then, fans of Sam Smith will just have to wait and see if he can speak again this week.

[Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images]