Pregnant Woman Puts Unborn Baby Up For Sale On Facebook, Her Reason Has Sparked Outrage

One pregnant woman is awaiting the birth of her unborn child. But, unfortunately, her anticipation is for all of the wrong reasons. Apparently, she wants to use her baby as a bargaining tool for materialistic gain.

According to Mirror Online, the unidentified mom posted a shocking advertisement via Facebook, offering to sell her baby when she gives birth. The caption for the photo has only made matters worse, because she goes on to explain her reason for not wanting her baby. Then, she included two “payment methods” she’ll accept in exchange for the baby.

“6 months pregnant. Don’t want it. Willing to trade it for $ or drugs. Guaranteed white so don’t come at me cheap. Serious offers only.”

It definitely didn’t take long for the shocking post to catch the attention of an overwhelming number of furious Facebook users. The insensitive post has sparked outrage, and social media users have responded with a flood of scathing posts. Now, the photo is circulating on other social media networks like Reddit and Imgur.

Many have agreed that the post is so horrible, they hope it is a hoax. Others also fear for the unborn baby’s health. If the mother is also willing to accept drugs as a form of payment for the baby, there is reason to believe she may have been taking drugs throughout the entire pregnancy.

“That is thoroughly disappointing. In the meantime, we can hope for a decent foster home (ideally one that would adopt at the end of the process). But, not all these kid’s live in a best case scenario, which is truly unfortunate.

“It seems relevant that she didn’t say anything about the baby being guaranteed free of drug/alcohol/tobacco related defects.”

“I hope that’s just a really f**ked up joke. And if it’s not, I hope she got reported to someone. Police, CPS/social services, who the f**k ever.”

“You kind of have to hope that this is a bad joke.”

Unfortunately, information about the woman is scarce. At this point, there is no way to confirm if the Facebook post is indeed real.

[Image via Imgur]

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