Teacher’s Breast Implant Photos Shown To Students — Illicit Show-And-Tell Happened In School

A Virginia woman was so proud of her new boobs that she allegedly shared photos of them with three teenagers. Trouble is, this woman is a teacher, and her students claim the implant shots were shared at school.

Melissa Kidd, 34, is apparently new to teaching, the Smoking Gun reported. She has resigned since the kids who claim to have seen the teacher’s implant photos came forward with their story, but taught in the Woodside High School’s Career and Technical Education department.

Detectives in Newport News are now trying to figure out if the victim’s accusations are true, WTKR reported. They plan to mine her phone — from which the implant pictures were allegedly displayed to the children — for data. Currently, no charges have been filed and the accusations are still unproven.

Understandably, parents are appalled. One mom, Angela Leslie, spoke to the station about her disgust.

“To me that’s pornographic, it’s not okay. It’s not okay. I hope it’s not true.”

What the students allege is disturbing if true — two of them are 18, one is 16. They say the “obscene” photos in question were before and after shots of Melissa’s boob job, “which displayed her nude and exposed breasts.”

“One juvenile victim additionally reported being shown nude photographs of Kidd’s breast and genital areas,” A.J. Cupp, a Newport News Police Department’s special victims unit detective, told WTKR.

This show-and-tell allegedly took place on school grounds.

The teenagers told authorities about the implant photos in March, at which time Melissa was put on administrative leave with pay. She resigned shortly after in April. Officials searched her phone later that month. Since she resigned, the teacher’s alleged actions are being investigated by the local Child Protective Services Unit and police for indecent liberties with a child by a person in a supervisory role.

The cops aren’t saying much about the case or what they found on Kidd’s iPhone. In an interesting side note, the teacher only has a provisional license.

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