Sasha Pieterse Talks ‘Pretty Little Liars,’ Promises The Darkest Season Yet

Sasha Pieterse has all the gossip on the latest season of Pretty Little Liars, and is promising her fans the darkest season yet, if that is even possible.

Warning! Possibly spoilers ahead!

While many A-team revelations came to light during last night’s season premiere of Pretty Little Liars, Sasha says she wouldn’t be surprised if there are many more to come in the subsequent episodes, according to Us Weekly.

“I honestly think Charles is the A, but knowing [series creator] Marlene [King], I might be wrong,” Pieterse told the magazine during an interview promoting the June 2 premiere. “My favorite theory is that Charles and Maya are working together.” Maya was Emily’s ex-girl friend who supposedly died during season two’s “UnmAsked.” So, was her death a hoax all along? Has she been alive this whole time, plotting against the girls? Only time will tell.

Sasha says she has heard theories that Maya was actually part of the A-team, and thinks it is a “brilliant” idea for her to come back as a villain.

“After Maya died, I’ve constantly heard theories that she faked her death and she’s part of The A Team. I think it’s pretty brilliant actually,” Sasha Pieterse speculated. “You never saw her dead body, you only saw her body bag. You never know!”

Sasha reinforces her character Ali’s innocence, and says it is refreshing for her to come clean and stop hiding all of the details of her life.

“Ali has finally decided to be an honest, genuine person. Now that all of her secrets are on the table, she has nothing she can hide. She has no choice than to be a real person,” Pieterse explained. “It’s really refreshing to see her deal with her inner demons and face the Rosewood community.”

While Pretty Little Liars started out as a drama for teenagers, Sasha explains it has quickly turned from that to a intense murder mystery, and this season particularly shows an even darker side of the show.

“Honestly, this is our darkest season,” she said. “It’s the darkest stuff that we’ve ever dealt with. They were kidnapped and tortured by someone they don’t know, who knows everything about them.

“This started off as a show for teenagers, and it’s so not that anymore,” Pieterse continued. “This is dark and a murder mystery—not even murder. Murders, plural!”

To find out what is going to happen to Sasha Pieterse and the rest of the liars, tune in to ABC Family every Tuesday night.

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