Are Sasha Pieterse’s Shocking ‘Pretty Little Liars’ Spoilers True?

Warning: This article may contain spoilers for Pretty Little Liars.

Of course, even the casual PLL fan knows that Pretty Little Liars premiered tonight, but that doesn’t mean the speculation and theorizing comes to a halt. On the contrary, PLL fans’ imaginations are going into overdrive and you can count Pretty Little Liars star Sasha Pieterse among them.

According to US Weekly, Ms. Pieterse suggested that she expected new A-Team revelations to come to light in the beginning of the season, but is she just speculating? Or does this Pretty Little Liars insider know something the rest of us don’t know?

“I honestly think Charles is the A, but knowing [series creator] Marlene [King], I might be wrong,” Pretty Little Liars‘ Pieterse said. “My favorite theory is that Charles and Maya are working together.”

Maya? She died in season 2’s “UnmAsked,” or did she? Could Maya have been alive all these years and plotting against the liars? It was revealed by showrunner King that some PLL fans had accurately predicted how Pretty Little Liars would ultimately end and Sasha acknowledges that there are PLL fans predicting Maya’s return.

“After Maya died, I’ve constantly heard theories that she faked her death and she’s part of The A Team. I think it’s pretty brilliant actually,” the Pretty Little Liars actress reasoned. “You never saw her dead body, you only saw her body bag. You never know!”

On another front, PLL fans were given a little something more to consider, when Ms. Pieterse suggested those PLL fans focusing on Allison in a negative way might be better off looking at other Pretty Little Liars characters. Sasha hinted that Allison should be taken at face value moving forward and that she had committed no other crimes in Rosewood.

“Ali has finally decided to be an honest, genuine person. Now that all of her secrets are on the table, she has nothing she can hide. She has no choice than to be a real person,” Pieterse said in an interview. “It’s really refreshing to see her deal with her inner demons and face the Rosewood community.”

PLL fans know that, as Pretty Little Liars opens its 6th season, the liars will be trapped in the dollhouse and their escape will precede a five-year time jump, but Sasha revealed the time jump would eventually reward PLL fans for their dedication to the show.

“We’ve spent so long trying to keep everything a secret, and to now get to reveal everything feels so strange – in a good way!” she said. “I’m so happy to reward our fans with the answers they deserve.”

Pretty Little Liars airs Tuesday nights on ABC Family.

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