Saucer-Shaped UFO Captured On Camera Hovering Over Chinese Buddhist Temple: Glowing Object Flew Inside The Temple [Video]

Buddhist monks at a temple in Anhui, China reported a saucer-shaped UFO caught on surveillance cameras Friday at their monastery. The UFO was captured on video hovering over the temple building, around the temple grounds, and flying into a temple hall.

Footage shows the glowing, saucer-shaped object hovering above the Baita temple at about 11 p.m. during a heavy downpour. It flies in and out of the view of cameras, changing shape as it hovers over the temple. It flies into the main temple hall where it hovers briefly, rotating with increasing frequency before flying off.

The surveillance footage lasts only a few minutes.

The monks were perplexed by the sighting. According to People’s Daily Online, when the UFO flew into the main hall of the temple, it triggered the alarm systems.

“When I heard the alarm, I got up to turn it off before going outside to check and didn’t see anything unusual. It was only when I looked on the monitor that I could see the UFO,” said Father Shi Xingkong.

The astonished monk said that was the first time he has seen a UFO.

A member of staff at the monastery, Chen Songzheng, said the visitation would have gone unnoticed if the UFO had not entered the main hall and set off the alarms. He said the presence of the UFO was detected only after someone looked at the surveillance footage.

UFO Hovers Over Chinese Buddhist Temple

“Had the UFO not entered the temple hall it would not have set off the infra-red alarms and we would not have known it was there.”

However, some have suggested that a local prankster might have used a remote-controlled flying object, such as drone or toy, to play a prank on the monks.

Some suggested that the light was a ball lightning, a ball of electricity that could appear during a thunderstorm.

But a meteorologist has denied the suggestion, saying that a ball lightning typically appears briefly and does not persist for several minutes like the object shown in the surveillance footage.

“We can rule out ball lightning because ball lightning only lasts a very short period of time and this object was seen for over seven minutes.”

The meteorologist suggested that the UFO might have been an insect that flew close to the surveillance camera.

“When bugs are too close to the screen they will give off this glowing effect and I have seen similar videos in the past. We believe them to be the results of bugs.”

But many on Chinese social media said the object could have been an alien UFO. A social media user suggested tongue-in-cheek that the aliens were anthropologists curious about human religious practices.

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