WWE Rumors: Paul Heyman Has Apparently Revealed The WWE Return Date For Brock Lesnar

The return of Brock Lesnar to WWE rings and on the televisions of fans around the world is something that so many people are waiting for. He’s been away since early April, and has long been expected to be back in time to have a program in place for SummerSlam in August. Well, his legal adviser Paul Heyman has apparently revealed just when his client will be back on WWE television.

There have been a number of rumors as to when Lesnar will be back, and they started with him coming back after Battleground in mid-July.

From there, the rumors started floating around that he would be back before Battleground, and then it was in early July that he’d return. From there, the TD Fieldhouse tweeted that they would have Brock Lesnar at Monday Night Raw on June 22.

Now, no one has been quite sure just when Lesnar would show up. Maybe that’s WWE’s way of making sure that fans tune in every single week for TV shows and get the WWE Network to watch the Pay-Per-View events.

Well, it seems as if Lesnar’s legal adviser, Paul Heyman, knows exactly when his client is heading back to a WWE ring.

According to WrestleZone, Heyman has said that Brock Lesnar will be back as a regular on-air performer on WWE TV right after the Money In The Bank event in two weeks. This could mean he will be at Raw the following night or the next week.

Yes, Lesnar showing back up on TV would be great to have as a surprise, but WWE won’t really want anyone to miss out. If he’s going to be back, fans are going to love it whether it’s a surprise or not. Expect the build-up to his return to start soon.

This is going to be the first big run for Brock Lesnar since signing a new three year deal with WWE back around WrestleMania 31. He was wavering between WWE and going back to UFC, but Heyman told Stone Cold Steve Austin why Lesnar made the choice he did.

“Brock opened up a mini training camp in January. Prepared that if he didn’t cut the right deal with WWE that he would then do a full-blown training camp and go straight back into UFC.

“The discussion in his head never got to, ‘Well, who’s my first opponent going to be?’ The discussion in his head was, ‘Whoever they put in front of me, I’m going to be ready.’ I think Brock was very torn by his decision because this run in WWE truly was so enjoyable.”

Not many people know for sure when Lesnar will officially return. Paul Heyman is one of the closest people to Brock Lesnar in WWE and his life, so when he says his client will be back after Money In The Bank, fans should listen and watch.

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