Rare Megamouth Shark Caught, Eaten by Fishermen [Pictures + Video]

A highly rare creature known as the megamouth shark was caught and then eaten by fishermen in the Philippines, the World Wildlife Fund says. The megamouth shark was only the 41st ever observed anywhere in the world.

Megamouth Shark: The Megachasma Pelagios

The megamouth shark, or megachasma pelagios, was found in the town on Donsol. It was 13 feet long and 1,100 pounds with a mouth stretching more than three feet wide.

The scientific community has only known of the megamouth shark since 1976, when the first megachasma pelagios was caught off the Hawaiian island of Oahu. It’s been called the most significant marine discovery of the 20th century.

The WWF says the fishermen who found the 41st megamouth shark in the Philippines went against its wishes and butchered the animal to eat its meat.

Megamouth Shark Pictures and Video

Below is another megamouth shark picture taken from the Philippines, as well as a megamouth shark video showing another one of the rare animals in the ocean.

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