Foster Teen Posts Craigslist Ad Seeking To Rent Family For Her Birthday

All Natalie Carson wanted for her birthday was to celebrate it with a family, so she took out a Craigslist ad in hopes of renting a family for the day.

The 19-year-old, who currently resides in Westminster, Colorado, was put into the foster care system as a baby, but she aged out of the system at 18 without being adopted.

“I am not a weirdo or anything I was just inspired by another girl that rented a family from craigslist in California for the holidays,” Carson wrote in the ad. “I just want one day that I can feel important and special, and like I matter even if I really don’t.”

teen places ad on Craigslist wanting to "rent" a family for her birthday

For some, Carson’s wish for a family to celebrate her birthday with may seem simple, but for her, it’s a means of making this birthday less difficult than the ones before.

“It’s something that I’ve never really had. Of course, I’ve had birthdays, but they haven’t been good,” she said. “Usually every birthday is really painful and hard,” she told ABC affiliate station KMGH-TV.

Natalie revealed that she was first placed in the Colorado foster care system when she was a baby and was taken in by a family who moved her to Georgia. But her first experience in a family home was far from ideal.

“They were abusing me and so I got placed back into foster care when I was 12,” Carson said.

And because of the unpleasantness that usually came with birthdays and holidays, she would often try to sleep through the occasion.

“I usually just try to sleep through my birthday and holidays too.”

“I just think, ‘Go rest and it’ll be over in the morning and you won’t have to think about it again until next year.”’

When she exited the foster system at 18, one of the first things she did was take a bus back to Colorado.

“I really didn’t know anything, but I knew I was born here,” she shared with the station.

In Colorado, Natalie found herself at a local homeless shelter and was later able to earn her GED. Now, in addition to working, she is attending college for computer science with the help of the Denver shelter, Urban Peak.

Since the ad was placed it has received an overwhelming response, with thousands of people from all over the country replying by email and offering to fly to Colorado to celebrate Carson’s special day with her.

“Hello Beautiful, If this is Natalie Carson, I just want you to know how I feel so deeply for you…I would love to take you to a birthday celebration dinner! I also just wanted to state that you would never have to pay me for me to consider you family,” wrote one Craigslist user.

teen places ad on Craigslist wanting to "rent" a family for her birthday

Another woman wrote, “If you haven’t found a family to spend time with on your birthday, my family is willing to help you make a good birthday! We don’t require to be paid… respond if you’re still looking! Otherwise we hope your birthday is amazing.”

teen places ad on Craigslist wanting to "rent" a family for her birthday

Following the incredible response from the ad and the fact that her birthday wish seems highly likely to come true, Natalie is now asking others who are looking to help her, to instead reach out and assist other children in the foster care system.

As for her birthday? She’s just looking to have a good day.

“I felt like having one day where it’s OK — this is about me and it’s my birthday,” Carson said. “I don’t have this big elaborate plan or anything, I just wanted it to be good.”

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