Chia Obama Pulled From Shelves Over Racism Concerns

A Chia Obama product is being pulled from the shelves in some Walgreens stores. The company says the product wasn’t “appropriate” for its image.

Chia Obama: Sales Stopped

Walgreens’ corporate office ordered stores in at least two cities — Tampa and Chicago — to drop the Chia Obama products, according to published reports from the areas. While each individual store can apparently market products of its own choosing, Walgreens received customer complaints that the Chia Obama item seemed racist.

The Chia Obama is manufactured by the Chia Pets company. The official Chia Obama Web site describes the product as a “collector’s item” meant to “honor” the president. The Chia Obama is still available for sale online.

Chia Obama Video

The following Chia Obama video shows a commercial created for the product.

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