January Jones Goes Makeup-Free In Instagram Selfie, Still Looks Gorgeous

January Jones has gone makeup-free in a selfie she posted on Instagram, and the actress proves that her beauty comes naturally.

january jones makeup free
January Jones' makeup free selfie on Instagram.

Hollywood is full of beautiful women: beautiful women done up by professional stylists and makeup artists, who appear Photoshopped and touched up on magazine covers. Few women in the industry are willing to be seen in public without makeup, but January doesn't seem concerned about that. Mostly, she'd just rather complain about the uncomfortable necklace she couldn't get off and had to sleep in.

"It's always fun to wake up with your jewels on. Prickly but fun. Makes you feel serious. @ireneneuwirth I can't figure out how to take the f****r off. It's pretty serious about wanting to keep me."
Irene Neuwirth, of course, being the designer who hooked January up with her jewelry for the previous night.

January posted her makeup-free selfie from her hotel room the morning after the CFDA Fashion awards where, according to Bustle writer May Sofi, she "slayed the fashion game."

"All I have to say is LOL. I have definitely experienced waking up in my outfit from a long night of partying, but never did I struggle with getting it off. I also usually wake up with a face full of smudged makeup, so kudos to JJ for taking care of her skin and washing her face before bed. Looks like she really #WokeUpLikeThis"
While January publicly goes makeup-free, women around the world are calling on industries -- TV & movies, fashion, magazines -- to take a hard look at the unrealistic expectations put on women and girls to conform to impossible standards of beauty. Airbrushing, Photoshopping, using paper-thin models -- all of these practices lead to women feeling like they will never be "perfect," according to Beauty Redefined.
"When women compare themselves to a standard of beautiful, average and healthy that simply doesn't exist in real life, the battle for healthy body image is already lost."
Some women with high public profiles, however, make no apologies for their appearance. Kelly Clarkson, for example, took exception to having her body shape altered and slimmed down for a 2009 magazine cover.
"When people talk about my weight, I'm like, 'You seem to have a problem with it; I don't. I'm fine!'"
Women like January Jones, by publicly going makeup-free, help show that beauty exists without professional make up artists and computer special effects people to make you look like someone you're not.

[Images courtesy of: Getty Images/Dave Kotinsky, Instagram]