‘Captain America: Civil War:’ Latest Spoiler Teases The Addition Of Not One But Two Hulks

Filming on Captain America: Civil War has been taking place for the last few weeks in Atlanta, Georgia. During this time, a variety of rumors regarding potential character deaths and casting additions have emerged — but none have been quite as outlandish as the speculation that not just one, but two Hulks will star in the hugely anticipated blockbuster.

MCU Exchange have alleged that that a red version of the Hulk will appear in Captain America: Civil War. In fact, they’ve even speculated that William Hurt’s General Thunderbolt Ross will be the character who transitions into Red Hulk.

It’s then been alleged that in order to try and combat Ross’ Red Hulk, Mark Ruffalo’s Bruce Banner/The Hulk will bounce into the fray, while it’s also probably safe to speculate that Iron Man’s Hulkbuster suit, which debuted spectacularly in Avengers: Age Of Ultron, will once again make an appearance, too. At the end of Age Of Ultron, Banner was seen flying to an unknown location in a stealth plane in order to hide from the rest of the Avengers.

This rumor clearly needs to be taken with a healthy dose of sodium, but it’s the first explanation for the return of William Hurt’s General Thunderbolt Ross that not only makes sense, but also sounds really, really exciting. That, of course, doesn’t add any credence to its authenticity.


Hurt’s Ross originally appeared in 2008’s The Incredible Hulk. This has, so far, proved to be Marvel Studio’s only failed installment to their cinematic universe, which began with 2008’s Iron Man and has since included origin stories and sequels for Iron Man, Captain America, Thor, Guardians Of The Galaxy, and The Avengers, and is showing no signs of abating with films for Ant-Man, Doctor Strange, and Black Panther in the pipeline, too.

When Ed Norton was replaced as Bruce Banner by Mark Ruffalo for The Avengers, it was widely assumed that the other actors from The Incredible Hulk would be replaced or simply discarded, too. But just last month it was announced that General Thunderbolt Ross would be returning for the third solo Captain America installment, while he would also be reprised by William Hurt.

Since Mark Ruffalo’s appearance hasn’t even been confirmed, this instantly led to fervid speculation that the Foxcatcher actor would be involved after all. However, that still hasn’t been announced, even though pretty much every other Avengers character (except Chris Hemsworth’s Thor) is appearing in Captain America: Civil War.

The above rumor is the perfect scenario to accommodate both General Thunderbolt Ross and Mark Ruffalo’s Hulk. It would also mean that Captain America: Civil War would be packed to the brim with superheroes, villains, and conflict, and it is a struggle to see how the Russo Brothers, who are directing the blockbuster, will be able to squeeze them all in.

We’ll see if they can manage just that when Captain America: Civil War is released on March 25, 2016.

[Images via Marvel Studios & Marvel Comics]