Burglar’s Red Underwear Arrest Makes News

According to Fox News, a burglar’s red underwear arrest has made news. That’s because 18-year-old Taykim Ross stole $200, electronics, and a pair of $150 Air Jordan sneakers from an apartment on Monday. Instead of fleeing the scene, the burglar stopped in the backyard to try on the new sneakers. A neighbor witnessed what was going on and took a photo of the burglar, who was wearing red underwear that could be seen above his jeans.

When Hempstead Village Officer Russell Harris was returning from canvassing the neighborhood, he noticed someone putting things in the garbage. When the officer saw the man bending over, he recognized that he was wearing “bright red underwear,” which was an exact match of the red underwear in the photo the police department has received earlier.

“The officer confronted the burglar and asked if he had been doing a little shopping when he saw the shoe box and the electronics.”

Daily Mail reported that Ross was arrested and charged with second-degree burglary on Monday and will be arraigned Tuesday. If convicted, Ross could face a prison sentence of one to 15 years. That’s a lot of time to serve for the burglary, and to think he was caught because of the red underwear.

A lot of young men deliberately want their underwear to show, and they let their pants hang far below their waist. They might think it looks good, but this is one time Ross is probably wishing he had pulled up his pants.

“Through this experience, the 18-year-old might have learned some valuable lessons and some warnings. There are some obvious things that led to Ross’ arrest.”

First of all, people should not steal other people’s property. Ross took the time to stop on the premises to try on the Air Jordans. Had he not been so anxious to see if they would fit, perhaps he would have left before the neighbor snapped a picture of him. The burglar’s red underwear was showing, which was quite visible on the picture. If he had not been wearing bright red underwear, maybe he would not have been so obvious. Black or navy blue underwear would not have stood out as visibly as his red underwear. If Ross had pulled up his pants, his red underwear would not have been showing at all.

Hopefully, the 18-year-old burglar will never break into someone’s home and steal again.

[Image Courtesy of Hempstead Village Police Department]

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