Lassie nearly killed Postman Pat

The economic crisis has now reached all the way down to the children. The popular dog Lassie nearly killed the equally popular Postman Pat because of the financial trouble the dog’s and postman’s owners are in.

The drama started in England where Entertainment Rights, the company that owns the licensing rights to children’s characters such as Postman Pat and Basil Brush, has gone into administration.

Entertainment Rights has build up a $193m debt and this is where Lassie comes into the picture. Entertainment Rights’ acquisition of Classic Media, which owns the rights to Lassie, for $158m in 2006, helped create the massive debt which has now brought the company to its knees.

But just like every Postman Pat episode this has a happy end too. In the 11th hour the American company Boomerang Media, which is backed by a US private equity firm managed by the co-founders of Classic Media bought Entertainment Rights.

Postman Pat and Lassie will live on. I’m afraid you have to hold on to that Postman Pat Postbox Bath Set in mint condition you’ve been keeping for a few more years until it’s worth some money.

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