‘Male Hooters’ Opens In Dallas: All-Male Tallywackers Eatery Has Scantily-Clad Waiters To Serve You

In the first of its kind, an all-male Hooters-style restaurant opened in Dallas, Texas, over the weekend. Tallywackers is the newest eatery in the Lone Star State, which features men dressed in skimpy attire just like the famous Hooters babes. And here’s a twist that also sets itself apart from the popular wing franchise: diners have their choice of male waiters to serve them, according to a Daily Mail report.

On Sunday, the uptown joint opened to throngs of visitors eager to be among the first to get ganders of buff hunks strutting around with trays, order pads, smiles, and little else other than barely-there tops and matching shorts. And by most accounts, the male version of Hooters opened with a bang.

Rodney Duke is the visionary and owner of Tallywackers restaurant. A decade ago, he began putting plans in place to open up a Hooters equivalent that features all men servers. In his mind, there was no real reason why only women should bask in all the glory. And because patrons are diverse, they should have their choices in terms of what gender they would fancy when eating out.

Before the all-male Hooters equivalent opened, Duke and his staff searched for an ideal location to launch their flagship restaurant. The location is in the urban hub and is perfect for the local demographic. Then, the challenge turned to choosing the most qualified associates to open the restaurant. After combing through over 100 job applications, only 25 blokes were chosen to serve and entertain guests.

Other things that sets the venue apart from Hooters is the menu. If you’re looking to chomp down on boatloads of wings, forget about it — you won’t find them. Instead, the menu offers eclectic choices for the curious eater. While you’re gawking over the beefy servers, you can indulge on Crab Lollipops, Roduke Salad, Croque Monsieur, S & M Burger, B.A.D. Dog, and the 6 Layer Double Chocolate. Yum, right?

“Our menu will consist of a variety of all American favorites including but not limited to our specialty appetizers, gourmet hot dogs, pizza’s, pasta dishes, and items from our grill. Alongside our newly crafted menu we will be leading with an extraordinary group of live entertainment. Performers such as the world renown celebrity impressionist Mark Alan Smith, female vocalist Vero Vaz, and drag talents from the incredible Ivana Tramp plus the many characters of Kortney Van Wales.”

Here’s an interesting tidbit: Although the Hooters-inspired restaurant opened in a largely LGBT community, the restaurant is a place for everyone. A spokesperson weighed in.

“While we are aiming towards the LGBT community as part of our audience, we are also expecting and welcome, a diverse clientèle including women.”

The men-only servers Hooters knockoff has plans to open another location in Houston.

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