Ghost In Red Dress Appears In Photo From ‘World’s Most Haunted Town’ — What’s Going On Down Under?

A ghost in a red dress floating through an old train station. A gray ghost sitting mournfully on a tombstone. A bizarre “blue mist” wafting through a cemetery. All of those images have surfaced recently in one town that the media is now labeling the world’s most haunted — thanks to what appears to be a record number of alleged ghost photos snapped there in recent months.

So, what is going on in Toowoomba, a municipality in Queensland, northeastern Australia, that is producing such a flood of supernatural visitations? Do ghosts have a preference for the weather down under? Or do they just want to get their pictures on Facebook?

The Toowoomba ghost photos follow several other recently popular pictures of ghost sightings, such as the ghost samurai in Japan that can be investigated at this link.

The subject is easy to take in jest. But when Kylie Samuels and Katie Harvey created their Facebook page called Toowoomba Ghost Chasers, which can be accessed at this link, they never expected quite the outpouring of supposed photographic evidence that spirits live on after death as they quickly found.

“We have found Toowoomba is full of ghosts,” said Samuels. And they’re not the only ones.

Paranormal investigator Bill Mulligan says he went to a train station in Toowoomba specifically to locate the city’s famed “Lady In The Red Dress,” who is allegedly the ghost of a woman named Elizabeth Perkins, killed by a train there in 1944.

“A lot of people have been killed at that station,” said Mulligan. “Elizabeth Perkins is one of them, so we went there [and] ran through the names of some of the people. When it got to her, the K2 meter lit up and then I asked if it was Elizabeth Perkins. Then there were footsteps and she definitely walked past.”

Someone captured the following photo, in the image at left, of the ghost in the red dress floating through the train station and posted it to the Facebook site.

The image on the right shows another ghost, sitting on a tombstone in one of the 19 Toowoomba cemeteries, perhaps contemplating his or her own death years ago.

Then there’s this photo of another darkly colored “ghost” walking through a Toowoomba cemetery in broad daylight.

That photo actually was taken from a security camera video at the cemetery that is reported to have captured the mournful ghost wandering around that graveyard and the vanishing.

“I haven’t seen anything like it in a long time… It has to be something. There is no other explanation that we can come up with.”

There must be an explanation, though. What could actually be turning Toowoomba into the world’s most haunted town? Or do you believe the so-called ghosts in these photos are the real thing?

[Image: Toowoomba Regional Council]

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