Hot Facebook Mom: Critics Got Her All Wrong, Maria Kang Says On Her New Website

Remember the "hot Facebook mom"? The one who had three kids under 3-years-old and had an amazing body and flat abs? Well, she's back and talking about why her critics got it all wrong.

Two-years-ago, Maria Kang stirred incredible controversy after posting an ad that read "What's your excuse?" showing her standing with her very young kids and looking more fit than many moms out there. The ad clearly hit a nerve and people slammed the mother of three, calling her all kinds of names.

Now she's back, with advice for moms everywhere on how they can organize their lives, increase productivity, and stop making excuses not only when it comes to exercise, according to Yahoo!. Kang recently launched a new website, No Excuses Mom, which tackles these subjects.

Kang also takes the opportunity to dispel some myths about herself. No, she doesn't count calories. No, she doesn't hate overweight people. Yes, she does have excess fat (and stretch marks). Yes, she has a real job and works more than 50-hours a week, but still makes time to exercise four to five times a week.

No Excuse Mom
What's Your Excuse ad (Maria Kang)

After the firestorm of criticism her ad created, the "hot Facebook mom" decided to start the "No Excuse Mom" movement.

"Starting the No Excuse Mom movement was something I felt impelled, pushed, and inspired to create because I was an instant public figure whose supporters wanted to express the importance of making health a priority."
Whether you were on the "good for her" or "how dare she?" camp, the No Excuse ad touched a raw nerve, based on the impassioned responses it received. Kang was personally attacked -- as it often happens nowadays -- but she didn't let that make her go and hide in a corner.

On the contrary, the "hot Facebook mom" decided to grab the opportunity by the horns, but this only came after she hit a low in which she didn't like herself very much and constantly made excuses.

"Having a persistent, strong, and unwavering attitude towards goals has been an integral part of my life since I was a child. However, when I underwent personal, physical, and spiritual challenges in my 20s, I experienced a true turning point.

All of a sudden, life became difficult, I was overweight, I blamed my genetics, I was working nonstop, I was often depressed and lonely, and I stopped subscribing to fitness magazines because it 'made me' feel bad about myself. I had a lot of excuses!"

The "hot Facebook mom" gave birth in 2009, 2010, and 2011 and, despite working full time, managing her household -- which is no easy feat -- and managing a non-profit organization, she still found time to exercise and eat healthy.
"One day, I decided to stop being a prisoner of my mind and start focusing on the present moment.

I let go of the cookies I binged on the night before, of the skinny pageant girl I used to be, of the person I wished I would become in my future, and I just focused on the here and now."

Where do you stand in the "hot Facebook mom" debate?

[Image via Maria Kang / Facebook]