Vee Torres Pregnancy: 'Teen Mom 2' Baby Gender Revealed!

Vee Torres is not a regular cast member on the hit show Teen Mom 2, but she does have a connection to the show. Vee is dating Jo Rivera, ex-boyfriend of Kailyn Lowry and the two women have had issues in the past. These days, however, Vee and Kailyn get along for the most part and for Kail and Jo's son, Isaac. Although Kailyn Lowry and Jo Rivera have quite a history together, both have moved on with their lives. Kail gave birth to a second child in 2013 and Vee is currently pregnant with her and Jo's first child. Now, the child's gender has been revealed!

At over 20 weeks pregnant, Vee Torres and Jo Rivera have found out the gender of their baby. So, will Isaac have a little sister or will he have another little brother? According to The Ashley's Reality Roundup, Isaac will have a little sister!

The report states that Vee shared a photo of the sonogram and, on it, a pink bow was photo shopped along with the words, "Yes, I'm a princess." Aside from sharing the photo on her private Instagram account, Vee also took to Twitter to share sentiments from her friends which congratulated her on finding out she is having a baby girl.

Vee Torres and Jo Rivera will welcome their baby girl this October, and the pregnancy is likely to be a large part of their Teen Mom 2 storyline. Season six of the show is set to air this July and the trailer was recently released. However, the trailer focused on the four main girls including Kailyn Lowry. Of course, this doesn't mean that MTV won't talk about Jo and Vee's pregnancy.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Vee has been staying relatively quiet on social networking about her pregnancy. It seems that she is trying to maintain as much privacy as possible while sharing some of the more important updates with the public. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Vee took to Twitter last month to talk about the pregnancy and revealed that she was starting to feel kicks from the baby.

Jo Rivera has also stayed relatively quiet about the pregnancy on social media. So far, he hasn't been tweeting much other than an ultrasound photo that he shared when Vee Torres was about nine weeks pregnant. The two have not revealed if they have decided on a baby name for their little girl.

[Image: via Twitter]