British Guy Duets With Jessie J Yesterday, Sought Out By Record Companies Today [VIDEO]

Jessie J just might have created a star.

Jessie J recently recorded “Flashlight,” her new song from Pitch Perfect 2, on a karaoke app, and asked her fans to sing with her on a virtual duet. While thousands tried their bit, a British teen seems to have stood out above the rest, and a lot of people are excited about his attempt to sing along with Jessie.

Eighteen-year old Tom Bleasby has become an overnight pop star as he posted his virtual duet with Jessie J on Facebook. A week into Tom’s post, the video of his virtual duet with Jessie J has already racked more than 8.8 million views on Facebook.

With thousands and thousands of likes and shares, it is not surprising that Jessie herself shared Tom’s video on the official Jessie J Facebook page with the caption, “Have you seen this? It’s amazing!!” 2dayfm also reports that Jessie also retweeted Tom on Twitter.

Jessie J records Flashlight on Smule. Image via 2dayFM
Jessie J records Flashlight on Smule. Image via 2dayFM

Jessie J is obviously pleased with Tom’s video—but she’s not the only one. As the saying goes, strike while the iron is hot—and this is definitely what record companies are doing at the moment. BBC reports that after Tom’s duet with Jessie J started to go viral on the internet, Tom has started receiving numerous offers from record companies. Tom also admits that since his virtual duet with Jessie, he has been approached by a record producer who has previously worked with Beyonce. It seems Jessie J has just paved the way for a new star, just like a real The Voice coach would’ve achieved.

Tom tells BBC how much have changed since he posted the duet with Jessie.

The past week has been crazy. My phone does not stop going off. The overwhelming outpour of support has been inspiring, thousands of messages from complete strangers telling me how amazed they were.”

Jessie J has recorded “Flashlight” with karaoke app Smule, and leaved gaps for fans to fill, as if singing it as duet with her. The video shows Jessie and Tom singing side by side, and they’re even making it look like they’re interacting with each other. Fans also note how Tom is belting all the high notes with Jessie equally well.

Tom is a King’s College student and member of a local choir group. He has quite a following on Twitter and Facebook with his past covers but the numbers have shot up since his virtual duet post with Jessie J. He has since attended interviews with Teen Vogue and appeared on BBC.

Jessie J must have been truly proud of him.

Watch Jessie and Tom’s virtual duet of hit song ‘Flashlight’ below.