WWE News: Samoa Joe Signs Full-Time Contract, Will Become Exclusive WWE Superstar

While doing something unprecedented in today’s wrestling world by competing for several independent promotions in addition to being under a WWE contract, Samoa Joe reportedly signed a full-time contract with the WWE and will soon finish up his remaining independent dates, according to the PWTorch.

Joe, 36, recently debuted on WWE’s developmental program, NXT, to begin a feud with current NXT World Heavyweight champion Kevin Owens. The moment officially brought Joe, one of the hottest free agents in professional wrestling, to what many consider the most talented and star-studded promotion today. But, while he was getting in the face of Owens, Joe continued to be a weekend warrior, wrestling for various independent promotions.

However, as stated by PWTorch, Joe impressed the WWE so much that both Vince McMahon and Triple H pushed hard to lock Joe up as a full-time competitor. His merchandise is selling well, and he also reportedly impressed officials with his work at the most recent NXT TV tapings. Now, his future within the company isn’t for certain, but the possibilities are endless.

Before Monday’s RAW event in San Antonio, Joe wrestled in a match prior to the show. He wrestled former Tag Team champion Tyson Kidd in what is being reported as a Superstars match, an exclusive show on the WWE Network. That sparked rumors that Joe is ticketed for a full-time role with WWE, which proved to be the case as news of Joe’s signing for an exclusive WWE deal came out shortly thereafter.

As reported by the Inquisitr last week, the aforementioned Kevin Owens did a similar thing and signed a full-time contract with WWE, however, his contract is for the main roster. He is coming off a victory against United States champion John Cena, has a rematch with Cena at Money in the Bank and is scheduled for bevy of RAW tapings, live events, and pay-per-views for months to come.

For Joe, he likely will not jump to the main roster right away, but the report by PWTorch indicates that Joe may only be in NXT for a short time before getting the main roster call. With WWE infusing a countless amount of NXT superstars, such as Neville, Sami Zayn, Owens and others, in recent months, it may only be a matter of time before Joe is kicking people in the face on WWE television.

If you would like to catch Joe on the independents, the former TNA superstar will appear for Five Borough Wrestling this Friday to face Papadon in Queens, New York, SMASH Wrestling in Canada against Chris Hero, and is still advertised for Ring of Honor, but that is not for certain, as with ROH being on television may prevent Joe from wrestling for them.

[Image via WWE]