Drake Bell Slams Caitlyn Jenner? ‘Still Calling You Bruce’

Actor Drake Bell apparently placed himself in hot water on Monday after Bruce Jenner was officially introduced to the rest of the world as Caitlyn Jenner.

In a now-deleted tweet, the 28-year-old actor stated that he will continue to refer to Caitlyn Jenner by her former name, Bruce.

“Sorry…still calling you Bruce.”

if you’re wondering what drake bell did to piss everyone off pic.twitter.com/xmroPIt2XS

— kat (@kats_channel) June 1, 2015

Even though Drake Bell apparently deleted his initial tweet, he apparently felt the need to clarify his message by responding to its backlash and negative criticism with a brief Twitter rant of his own.

Good thing social media has no effect on real life — Drake Bell (@DrakeBell) June 1, 2015

Drake further explained that he did not mean to diss Caitlyn Jenner with his comments. On the contrary, the former child star claims that he just wanted to show respect for the legacy of Bruce Jenner.

I’m not dissing him! I just don’t want to forget his legacy! He is the greatest athlete of all time! Chill out!

— Drake Bell (@DrakeBell) June 1, 2015

Calm down children. — Drake Bell (@DrakeBell) June 1, 2015

It did not take very long for Drake Bell’s controversial tweet to make its rounds online — quickly becoming a trending topic on Twitter. Even though Drake tried to clarify his intent and the alleged meaning of his now-deleted tweet, quite a few people have still targeted him with responses and reactions of their own.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Bruce Jenner officially debuted as Caitlyn Jenner in the June 2015 issue of Vanity Fair magazine.

Numerous celebrities, including Ellen DeGeneres, Kerry Washington, Maria Shriver, and Anna Kendrick, did not hesitate to show their support for Bruce Jenner’s transition and transformation after the news first broke.

Instead of joining the growing list of celebs that are showing their support for Caitlyn Jenner via Twitter, Drake Bell apparently decided to take a different approach.

[Image Credit: Maury Phillips/Getty Images]