Katie Yeager’s Daughter Molli In The ER: ‘Saddest Photo In The History Of Photos’

Teen Mom star Katie Yeager has been keeping a low profile after wrapping her role on the show, but she is still very active on social media. Katie is often posting pictures of her daughter, Molli, and she is showing how she has managed to create a happy life for herself without Molli’s father, Joey Maes. The couple struggled while filming the show, but it sounds like Yeager has found her happy ending at last.

However, being a parent can be tough and this weekend, Katie Yeager revealed that her daughter had gotten terribly sick. Last night, Katie took Molli to the emergency room and shared the news on Twitter. However, Yeager didn’t clarify what was happening. But it must have been serious, because the mother-daughter duo were still in the hospital this morning.

According to a new tweet, Katie Yeager is now revealing that her heart is breaking for her daughter, who clearly isn’t doing well. This morning, Katie shared a picture of her daughter lying in the hospital, hooked up to an IV for fluids. Again, Yeager didn’t reveal what was wrong with Molli. Many fans are concerned for the girl’s well-being.

“ER with the baby. Worst parenting moments,” Katie Yeager revealed last night, sharing a picture of little Molli 11 hours later.

One can imagine that Katie Yeager wants to protect her daughter from the public by not revealing what is wrong. But Katie did reveal that her daughter is doing much better than yesterday. Yeager had been tweeting about her daughter over the weekend, and she seemed to be doing well and playing with her toys. So this sudden illness came fast.

But one person was noticeably missing from the pictures and updates. It is possible that Joey went to the hospital to visit his daughter, but Katie Yeager was not revealing anything in regards to Molli’s father. According to the Inquisitr, the two have not been getting along after their relationship ended with a violent altercation. Yeager has revealed that he completely destroyed her as a person.

But these days, Katie Yeager is trying to do something great for others. She recently revealed that she had decided to become an egg donor. Katie wants to help other people who are struggling with fertility. This is something that her daughter will surely be proud of one day.

What do you think is wrong with Katie Yeager’s daughter Molli? Have you sent your well-wishes yet?

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