‘Young And Restless’ Spoilers: Gabe Shaken Up By Victor And Chelsea, Identity As Adam On Brink Of Exposure?

Fans of The Young and the Restless are very anxious to get the scoop on Monday’s episode. The fake Jack has figured out that Gabriel is really Adam Newman, but what will he do with the information? The real Jack is on a ship headed to Peru, and everybody around him thinks he’s Marco. What Young and Restless spoilers are available for the June 1 episode?

She Knows Soaps teases that Chelsea and Gabe will continue the discussion about Adam on Monday’s show. She’s picking up ways that Gabe is similar to Adam, but she definitely isn’t suspicious quite yet. She’ll tell Gabe to be him and not try to be Adam, and this seems she ruffles his feathers a bit.

Young and Restless spoilers from Celeb Dirty Laundry indicate that Gabe will tell Chelsea that he’s done competing against Billy and Adam. He tells her he loves her and when she’s able to move forward to find him.

The fake Jack does tell Victor that he finally knows who Gabe really is. Will he reveal the big secret? Young and Restless spoilers indicate that there’s a little twist ahead on this one. Rather than tell Victor that Gabe is Adam, fake Jack will tell Victor that Jack is Gabe’s real father.

Victor apparently isn’t quite convinced by fake Jack’s claims, and he will be doing some digging. Young and Restless spoilers indicate that Victor will talk to Sage, asking her for details about Gabe’s father. It seems that Gabe will see the two chatting, and he’ll intervene. Victor mentions wanting to know more about Gabe’s father, a comment that naturally shakes Adam up a bit.

Later, it seems that Victor and Gabe will see one another at the club. The Young and the Restless spoilers tease that Victor will tell Gabe that he knows who his real father is. Which man will back down first in this tantalizing game? The time is clearly coming where Gabe’s real identity will be widely revealed and fans can’t wait to see how it plays out.

What about the real Jack? Y&R spoilers break down that a woman named Marisa, seemingly Marco’s long lost love, will kiss Jack, thinking he is Marco. He’ll ask her to help him, and she agrees to try. The drug smugglers are not going to make it easy, and it seems that Marisa will want some answers from her former love before she helps. Will Jack be able to convince her he’s Marco, or convince her to help him if she realizes he’s not her former love?

Also ahead Monday, there’s said to be more arguing coming between Dylan and Avery. Avery will be working on the custody case involving Faith, and Nick will agree to a plan that keeps Sharon in Faith’s life.

There are rumors that things may not be completely over for Dylan and Avery, despite Joe and Sharon’s desires. However, there is also buzz that Avery is going to be facing something brutal in the weeks to come that may propel her to leave Genoa City. For now, fans will have to stay tuned.

Just when will Jack make it back to Genoa City? Will Victor figure out Gabe’s real identity? It’s going to be a wild summer on The Young and the Restless, and viewers are anxious to see how things all come together.

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