Caitlyn The Dog Recovery Update: Cosmetic Surgery On Taped Muzzle Done, Watch Live Stream Of Recovery

There’s good news ahead for Caitlyn, the 15-month-old dog: She’s expected to make a full recovery. A veterinarian who performed cosmetic surgery on the K-9’s taped muzzle said procedures to repair her tongue and mouth bound by electrical tape went better than expected, according to a USA Today report on June 5.

Caitlyn, a chocolate Staffordshire bull terrier mix, is recovering after a two-hour operation at Veterinary Specialty Care in Mount Pleasant, South Carolina, on Wednesday. The abused dog will remain there for about a week or until she is recovered enough to be released to foster care, and hopefully, adopted to a good home.

Dr. Henri Bianucci, who performed the rigorous procedure, spoke to reporters about Caitlyn’s prognosis.

“Her tongue was in way better condition that we anticipated. It was initially assessed that we would lose about a third of her tongue, and we sort of revised that estimate to a fourth, but I don’t think she lost an eighth of it,” he said after the surgery.”

Caitlyn is one brave dog. She’s undergone hyperbaric chamber and cold laser therapy interventions to help bring oxygenated blood to tissues damaged by having her muzzle shut with electrical tape. Doctors fed her intravenously, but she is now eating on her own while in recovery.

The dog’s story came to light last week when a man allegedly left the stray on someone’s doorstep in the Chicora-Cherokee neighborhood of North Charleston. The homeowner was shocked at the sight of Caitlyn’s muzzle that was tightly bound by black electrical tape.

The Charleston Animal Society rescued the dog, and arrangements were made for emergency surgery to save the distressed dog. Apparently, her mouth had been taped for at least three days, judging by the tissue damage. Doctors were concerned about her recovery because her tongue was trapped between her teeth and likely dead from a lack of oxygen. Thankfully, vets intervened in time to save a portion of it.

According to a previous Inquisitr report, William Dodson, 41, was arrested as a suspect in the heinous crime. It’s unknown how police connected the man with the recovering dog. He faces up to five years in jail for “ill-treatment of an animal involving torture.”

When the news broke about Caitlyn’s plight, animal lovers from all over the world came together in a show of support. Follow along with the dog’s recovery via live stream.

[Photo: WCBD via WishTV]

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