Brazilian Bin Man Drags Broken Legged Dog Across Road And Throws It Into Garbage Truck: The Terrified Animal Is Crushed Alive

A Brazilian bin man who was caught dragging a broken-legged and whimpering dog across a road by a chain before hurling the terrified animal into they back of a garbage truck where it was crushed alive, insists his actions were an “act of kindness.”

When Brazilian bin man Jadson James Franca, 35, was on his daily garbage run on the streets of Presidente Figueiredo in Northern Brazil, he mounted the pavement and hit a stray dog. Although it’s debatable if it was an accident or deliberate, what happened next was done with malicious intent and will sicken and enrage animal lovers everywhere.

The Daily Mail reports that shocked residents in nearby houses saw the council bin man jump out of his garbage truck after hitting the dog, and rather than try to assist the poor suffering animal that had both its legs broken by the garbage truck, Franca decided to opt for a different course of action.

Brazilian Binman2

Seemingly oblivious to its whimpers of pain, the bin man tied a chain around the neck of the helpless dog and proceeded to drag the poor animal along the pavement before tossing it like so much garbage into the compacting mechanism of the collection vehicle.

When the truck arrived at the town’s garbage dump that evening, the animal was reportedly still clinging tenaciously to life, but so serious were its injuries, it died a slow agonising death several hours later

The Brazilian bin man has been sacked from his job, and charged with aggravated animal cruelty.

The bin man claims he threw the dog into the garbage truck as an “act of kindness” because it was “suffering greatly” and “needed to be sacrificed.”

Images of the atrocity have outraged Brazilians. TV Presenter Xuxa, who once dated football great Pele, branded the Brazilian bin man a monster and shared photos of the horrific incident with her 4.4 million Facebook followers.

“This little dog, who wasn’t bothering anyone, had its legs broken, and in agony was tied up and dragged by the neck, before being brutally murdered by this individual, being thrown and crushed alive in the back of the garbage truck.

“This monster can still appeal against a fine and will still be walking the streets in freedom! Are we going to let that happen?? Let’s do something?? Together we can.”

Presidente Figueiredo’s mayor, Neilson da Cruz not only condemned the Brazilian bin man for his appalling actions, but also the apathetic attitude and twisted thinking of those who were more concerned with filming the atrocity as opposed to preventing it from happening.

Brazilian BInman3

“These people are more preoccupied with making recordings than with saving the animals. This is an absurdity.”

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(Images via Daily Mail)

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