‘Game Of Thrones’ Season Finale May See Big Character Reveal [Spoilers]

As a word of caution, this article includes spoilers for Game of Thrones with elements from the books included. The speculations are based on the title of the season five finale “Mother’s Mercy,” which hints that a specific character could finally be revealed.

At the end of season four, many book fans were disappointed to see that one particular character did not make an appearance. They were expecting Lady Stoneheart to appear in Game of Thrones, but the show runners and actress Michelle Fairley have regularly said that the character will not make an appearance in the show. There was no reason to bring her into the season four finale to then give her nothing to do in season five.

However, it sounded more like a “not right now” rather than a “never,” and fans held out hope that Lady Stoneheart—the zombie version of Catelyn Stark—would appear. As Huffington Post points out, one of the names that Lady Stoneheart is given in the books is Mother Mercy, so the title of the season five finale hints that she may finally come into the show.

Yet, not all Game of Thrones fans are convinced. The title is Mother’s Mercy, and that apostrophe makes all the difference. Some fans have wondered whether Sansa Stark will take on Lady Stoneheart’s role in a way, dishing out revenge to the Boltons, especially after being held captive and abused by her husband Ramsey.

The main reason for the title seems to be aimed at Cersei. She is going to receive her punishment in the season finale, which includes her walking naked through the streets of King’s Landing. There was a big issue with filming the scenes last year, so this is definitely expected by the season finale.

George R.R. Martin seems to know that certain characters will not be making an appearance in Game of Thrones, and he is disappointed about some of them. According to Entertainment Weekly, the absence of Lady Stoneheart is one that Martin is disappointed about in the show. He says that her introduction was to show that death changes a person, and it certainly changed Catelyn from being the warm-hearted matriarch of the Stark family to the cold-hearted woman out for revenge. Other characters that Martin would liked to have seen in Game of Thrones are the two elder Tyrell brothers, Willas and Garlan. While they have not had major roles in the books so far, he has said they do in later books.

Of course, this is partially the problem of adapting the books before they are finished. There is also the issue of adapting storylines. Lady Stoneheart may appear in the Game of Thrones season finale, but there is the hint that Sansa will get a more terrifying role.

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