Michael Jackson’s Family Faces Eviction From Malibu Home — Behind On Rent

Michael Jackson’s niece and four nephews might have to look for a new place to crash soon as they are currently facing eviction from their beautiful Malibu home.

Apparently, the King of Pop’s niece Alejandra Jackson has failed to pay rent amounting to an outrageous $124,000. After being behind on rent for eight months, the mother of four’s landlord is determined to kick her out. The landlord has already filed the legal documents to evict Alejandra and her children Jaafar, Jermajesty, Randy and Genevieve.

It’s going to be a hard goodbye for Alejandra and her children. Their 7,000 square foot Mediterranean mansion was set on a vast 24 acres of land. Additionally, the property boasted a 180 degree ocean view. No wonder it cost $15,000 a month!

This might be a sad fate for the Jacksons but this isn’t the first time that they’ve had troubles with their residence. Back in March 2011, Alejandra was taken to court by executors of Michael’s estate. For nearly 20 years, she squatted in Katherine Jackson’s Encino compound against Katherine’s will. Despite being offered a modest condo in move-in condition, Alejandra refused to leave the compound.

She refused to sign a confidentiality agreement and even planned to write a tell-all book. She also demanded money in addition to the condo unit. This move, according to Michael’s estate lawyer Howard Weitzman, bought Alejandra more time to stay in the Encino compound.

And so she did! Alejandra succeeded to buy her and her children more time in Katherine’s property as the judge ruled that they could stay in the house for another month. Eventually, she and her children were evicted from the Encino compound.

Several online sources have tried to contact Alejandra but they could not reach her for a comment.

[Image via YouTube]