Slowest Police Car Chase Ever? Video Shows Texas Cops Moving Like Turtles Due To Police Policy

A video showing the slowest car chase ever has gone viral since it shows Texas cops chasing a “fleeing” vehicle on a highway at a turtle-like pace because pursuit policy doesn’t allow officers to pass a fleeing car. This charade went on for two hours before police decided to bring in a heavily armored vehicle.

No one knows why the suspect slowed down, but one thing is for certain. This was definitely the slowest cop car chase ever, and suspect Joe Ganzales will never earn the nickname “speedy” except perhaps in an ironic sense.

In a related report by the Inquisitr, a suspected road rage killing involved a woman hitting a man on a Ducati motorcycle only to run over his prone body.

So, why is everyone saying this is the slowest police car chase ever? Videos only show half the story since they only show minutes out of the two-hour chase, but 45 minutes of this chase involved poking along at speeds so slow that they only covered about three miles.

The slowest police car chase ever began when an unidentified female driver got out of the car and complied with police, who were apparently looking for drugs. Apparently, 42-year-old Jose Gonzales must have been using his own product, since he proceeded to speed off.

The low-speed pursuit took place along Interstate 30 between Forth Worth and Arlington, and initially, Gonzales accelerated to a fairly reasonable 50 mph considering they were on a highway. Gonzales slowed all the way down to less than 10 mph, and people can be heard yelling, “You can stop this now, everything will be fine.” The not-so-speedy driver did not believe them, and when he talked to police on his cell phone, he claimed he was scared for his life.

Reporters on the scene in Texas were able to talk to witnesses of the slowest police car chase ever.

“I really think they should stop him,” one woman said, according to The Independent. “He’s going like five miles an hour.”

“I could have walked into his car and given him a hug,” another said, which gives you an idea how slow he really was going during the case chase.

In the end, an armored SWAT truck rammed Jose Gonzales’ vehicle, bringing him to a halt. Police officers quickly swarmed all over and arrested him. He now faces charges for evading arrest and the possession of a large amount of methamphetamine.

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